Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 28

I am grateful for our piano. It was such a great little find and I am so grateful that we finally have a real piano for Ryan to play. This afternoon our house was filled with Ryan playing Christmas music on the Piano. Mostly Kurt Bestor and my favorite, Jon Schmidt's I Saw Three Ships (did you know that there wasn't music available at the time Ryan wanted to learn it, so he figured out how to play the song by ear? He is amazing!)

I sat and busily crocheted (I'm working on a crazy project... that of course is for Christmas) while the girls pranced around the house dancing and making up their own little songs. It was adorable. I am so grateful that our home is filled with music. The other night while I was making dinner, Ryan came down from studying and helped with the girls so I wouldn't go crazy. He patiently sat with Sarah at the piano and played games with her (that sneakily teaches her the names of the keys). I was not only grateful for him distracting her, but grateful that he is helping her grow to love the piano (and learn at the same time). I hope my daughters love music as much as Ryan and I do, and take after their daddy and learn how to play the piano as beautifully. 


Ali or Mike said...

I'm totally jealous and glad that your get to enjoy the piano so much. WE used to have one, but Mike couldn't find time to play so we got rid of it. I'm hoping for less busy days so that he can play. Jon Schmidt is one of my favs too.