Monday, January 30, 2012


We've been having a little bit of sunshine lately. 
Well... maybe it is still overcast a little, but it sure has looked a heck of a lot brighter outside, and I'll take that any day over the typical dark and gloomy weather that is typical of Pittsburgh this time of year.

So... how could I resist capturing even more pictures of the Zakster.
I'll resist commentary... you can just look at them with out narration.

New Trick

Since Abby is trying to figure out winking, Sarah decided she needed a new trick as well.
So... she is learning how to cross her eyes.

She is almost there... we'll keep you posted on this important progress.

Daddy's little Rocks

Zak is totally rockin' the fo-hawk look. 
I've tried combing it down after washing it, and it sticks right back up.
So funny.

I'm pretty sure that Daddy doesn't mind.

Here he is doing his classic lip pose.

Even Daddy can't help sneak in a snuggle or ten between school and work.

Rock on lil' Zak!

Snug as a Bug

Yes, yes... I know.
My posts filled with an overabundance of the Zakster may be too much.
But, I'm pretty sure the grandma's don't mind... so for the rest of you, sorry.
This is another post of {probably} too many pictures.

I just love watching this lil' fella.

It is amazing how time just flies when you sit and watch them sleep.

I love looking at every tiny, little feature he has.

Especially that little nose.

Sure is inviting for the sisters to snuggle with him.

Even Abby wanted in on this snuggle session.

Awe... teeny little yawn.

This picture made me laugh.

It is so funny to me how different newborns look in every picture you take.
It seems as though their little faces completely morph with every click of the camera.

Anyway. I love it. Can't wait to start capturing little smiles, that is just the best.
Well, off to snuggle my new little bug.

I'm a Princess

Oh my... we thought Sarah was a princess at this age, but she grew into superheros.

I'm not so sure our lil' Abby will do the same.

She ADORES anything princessy or girly.
She insists on wearing a skirt or dress everyday.
Once she is all girly-ed up she'll turn to me and with a big smile on her face beam,
"Look Mom! I'm a princess!"
Yes, Abby, yes you are a princess. And don't you forget it!

(love this cheesy grin)

If she spots her Sunday dresses (which of course are more frilly and girly) she'll throw a fit until we find something just as good or better (usually it ends up being dress up clothes tossed on top of her skirt and leggings). It is so different than Sarah. We've had to add quite a bit to her wardrobe just so she isn't wearing the same skirt day in and day out. (Thanks G'mas for helping with that!) 

I love it though. Makes life easy when you can just mention princess this or that to get Abby to cooperate, and she'll do just about anything, even put herself to bed.

It is a fun stage... and I kind of hope she doesn't grow out of it like Sarah did. 

Oh, and Mom... check out how cute these leggings are with this outfit you got.

Yes... she is standing on the table... we live on the dangerous side at our house.

I love you Princess Abby.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Night Owl

We have a little night owl on our hands. 
Every night, some time between 10pm and Midnight, the little Zakster will wake up...

A hungry little monster... and then after he is fed.

becomes quite content to sit and hang out for an hour or so.

It is his best happy and awake time during the day... er, um... night.

It makes it impossible to put him down and go to bed myself.

How can you with those chubby cheeks and bright eyes begging to be loved?

Arouses several silly faces... and ridiculous behaviors from mom and dad.

Love my little night owl.

Wish I could blame is on his father... but we all know where this trait comes from.

Drive-Thru Sledding

Before my mom left we got a little snow storm.
The perfect amount for sledding.

Ryan bundled up the girls and let them come outside and sled down the driveway while he shoveled.
They had a blast.

Although, I need to find some gloves/mittens that are better suited for snow.

The snow clung to their little knit gloves and got their hands really cold.

Lil' Abby finally abandoned them and minutes later had bright red hands... of course she kicked and screamed when Ryan brought her into the house. We doubled up on her gloves and it helped for a couple more runs down the hill.

Thanks Ry for taking the time to build some fun snow memories with the girls.
They LOVED it and can't wait for our next big snow.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sisterly Love

I have THE best sisters!
The are so kind and loving (and crafty too). 
So it really shouldn't have surprised me that they'd come up with baby boy projects to surprise me with.

My sweet sister in law Deb made this adorable quilt. 
(Don't know how she found the time with a new baby 'n all)
She was evil and sent it to me weeks before Christmas with a big "Do NOT open 'til Christmas" stamped on the outside of the box (you'll be so proud Deb that I waited and didn't sneak a peek).
I oo-ed and ah-ed over it when I finally got to open it.
Perfect colors and I LOVE the animal print that she found.
Goes perfect with my little model, don't you think?

Then my talented sister pulled out her knitting needles and made me these cute booties.
They are so cute and tiny, just perfect for keeping Zak's little toesies warm.
I also don't know how Brooke found the time... four kids and still able to knit me a baby gift... one day I can hope to be half as amazing as you big sis.
I am super impressed with anyone who can knit, and Brooke has got some mad skills. She even knit the little ties (I would have used ribbon or something lazy like that). 

Thank you so much my dear sisters.
I love you guys and Zak is so lucky to be spoiled by his amazing and talented Aunts!

PS - my other sister in law sent us some adorable outfits too... I would have dressed Zak in them... but they are still a little big (for a week or so at least). Thanks Em for the cute gift too! We love you too. ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nesting with Grandmas

While both Roberta and my Mom were in town, my sewing machine was constantly out. They were so sweet to help out with some of my to-do's on my baby project lists.

Here is what we got done. 

Roberta helped me by whipping up several baby blankets for me. 
She made these three two sided flannel blankets.

This silky and flannel blanket (this flannel fabric I LOVE!)

She also helped me pick out the fabric and then sew up this lil' flannel quilt.
I cut it all out and layed out the squares and she sewed it up and made the binding and hand sewed it on for me (staying up until who knows how late the night before she flew out).

My mom also helped me out by making some blankets.

She sewed the binding on these snuggly-fleece blankets

She sewed flannel on some cloth diapers for burp clothes

Don't they look so cute with my new quilt?
She also made me a new boppy cover, which I LOVE!

I bought this fabric for a different project that I never ended up following through on, and I'm so glad, I love it! It is so fun to look at while nursing lil' Zak.
Doesn't it just make you smile? 

 My mom also helped me figure out how to make a little changing pad for a dresser we have in our living room. It was lots of fun to make.

Makes changing this lil' guy a little more pleasant.

I sure was grateful for all of the help getting TONS of my to-do projects crossed off the list.
Thank you, thank you Roberta and Mom for all of your help!
I promise next time you visit I won't handcuff you to my sewing machine again... 
unless you want me to. ;)