Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Ryan {2012}

We love and miss you so much Daddy! Hope you have a great Father's Day even though we are so far away. Here are some video's that the girls made before we left Pittsburgh!


When I ask her what Daddy does at work, I'm pretty sure she said "things" but I didn't understand her {obviously}. And then she pretty much gets hung up on milk the last half of the video.
She loves and misses you though. 

Sarah was so excited to make this for you. I told her she had to keep it a secret, and I'm impressed she kept it this long. She had so much fun making your Father's day advent and putting the surprises all around the house. She is becoming more and more of a Daddy's girl each day.

Zak misses and loves you too... he is just too little to tell you so himself.

I'm so grateful for you Sweetie. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, father and friend. We all hope that you have a great Father's Day, even though we are so very far away from you this year.

Happy Father's Day!
Lizzie, Sarah, Abby & Zak