Sunday, December 20, 2009

Surprise from Abby!

I know I am way behind on my blogging, and I promise to update it once I get back from Utah, but this surprise couldn't wait!

Abby decided she'd surprise her parents with an early Christmas surprise...
a TOOTH!!!

"All I want for Christmas is my Bottom Tooth!"
(two front teeth)

My little five month baby has a tooth. This could be real trouble for mommy... maybe starting her on some rice cereal early isn't that bad of an idea. I'll try and get a picture of it soon, but it is just a little tiny thing poking through so I don't know if it will even work.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a merry time getting ready for Christmas. I promise to do some good catching up on events we've had soon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Afternoon with Cousins

My mom had a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake, so I tagged along for the ride and hung out with Brooke while Sarah & Abby played with Eleanor and William. It was a cute little visit. 

Look and See...

all the love!

Monday, December 7, 2009

This I love!





Best Friends

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before and After Do (revised)

Many of you commented that the pictures of the 'before' shots weren't working... not that it really matters, but I fixed it... I hope. 


(in August... nice long and straight shot)

In October (notice the Halloween decorations in the background), so, I probably had a good inch or two more, plus it is curly, it looked longer when I did it straight... anyway it is a pretty big change for me.

And after cutting more than 12 inches off,

Drum roll please...

The After Do

Don't mind the bathroom shots, had to go somewhere that I wouldn't get embarrassed taking pictures of myself. 

Let me know what you think!

1st Airplane ride!!

Well, life got pretty busy before the girls and I left for Utah, I think the "Mommy is Blitzed" meter reached full blown when we had to take Sarah to the ER two days before we left (which of course was the day I planned to get all of my procrastinated tasks done).  It wasn't anything too serious, Sarah just fell of the changing table and hit her head on the radiator. I almost didn't even go to the ER, but after all of my courses that included information on TBI, I didn't want to risk anything. So we took her in just to make sure we were good, and we were (three hours later...).

Anyway, on to the flight. I was SOOOO anxious to be flying by myself with a toddler and baby. It didn't help that a couple of weeks previous I heard on the news how a rambunctious two year old was kicked off of a flight for screaming and causing troubles... which sounded exactly like the kind of behavior Sarah is known to do when she is uncomfortable.

My good friend received some advice that she passed on to me that really saved me. She told me to buy little toys and treats and wrap them up individually, and when Sarah got bored to just hand her something. Not only was it fun for her to unwrap a present, but the surprise in side entertained her for a while as well. Highly recommend this. I don't know how I would have made it without it. About halfway into our FIVE hour flight to our layover in Las Vegas, Sarah started to get extremely cranky... and of course it was at the exact moment that Abby was getting fussy and hungry. Luckily a few presents later and a quick drink for Abby both the girls crashed on my lap. Sarah halfway woke up and slide out of her chair and rode for a good half hour like this...

All in all it was a great flight, a little bumpy but only enough to get Abby giggling (my little thrill seeker).

I sure was beat by the time I got to Utah, but so grateful to see my two amazing parents waiting for me. The best part of the day was watching little Sarah run halfway across the airport to jump into the arms of my mom!

I am a little sad that I wasn't a good little blogger and got more pictures during the day (like of Sarah putting together a 'Finding Nemo' puzzle in the Las Vegas airport, or of our outrageously over priced hot dog and pizza that we got... but taking pictures was pretty far in the back of my mind that day... I was lucky to get the one that I did.

*** I found this in my drafts file, I guess I forgot about it when I wrote the 1st Week of December post. I like this, so I went ahead and posted it... for memories sake, I like the way I said things in this one.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st Week of December

My good friend had given me an AWESOME idea to help me survive the flight with two little ones alone. Get lots of little presents (like dollar store things, suckers, fruit snacks, etc.) and wrap them up each individually, then as Sarah gets board on the flight, just hand her a present to open. I LOVED this idea so decided to venture off to the Dollar Store. Right before getting ready to go Sarah had stink-o-pants (is it just me, or does this ALWAYS happen, "mom is ready to go... well, better start pushing so she can't!"). 

While I was changing her on the changing table in Abby's room she fell off the table and whacked her head on the radiator. It immediately turned into a nasty golf ball-sized bump (just like in the cartoons) with a dark purple slit down the middle where the skin almost split! YIKES! I called Ryan and we decided it would be safest if we took her to the ER to make sure it was okay, and that she'd be fine to fly on Wednesday. Three hours later... and everything was fine... accept that I was stressed out the WAZOO! Guess going the Dollar store would have to wait until Tuesday...

Being the insane person that I am, I decided to invite a friend over for dinner, she called the night before and asked if the Lingwall's (a family in our ward) could come too. She thought that we would all get along really well, well my initial friend bailed and it basically felt like Ryan and I had been set up on a blind date (accept for the fact that we'd met the family before... and they weren't blind). 

I was a little stressed that the reasoning behind my dinner invitation fell through (I want to get to know this sister more and be there for her), but we had a fun time talking and letting the children run around like mad and trash the place. Too bad so much fun had to come with a pile of dishes (to add to the ones I already had in the sink from the weekend) and scattered toys throughout the house. 

To top it all off I procrastinated by working on a sewing project with a friend. It was fun... but I stayed up way to late. And so lets add exhausted to the start of my trip preparations. 

My house is a disaster... I am flying out the next day, and there is SOOOO much to do! I continued to work on the laundry through out the day while I did chores like cleaning the bathroom, the girls bedrooms and vacuuming the stairs and upstairs. I was going to be gone for a month, and didn't want a month's worth of dust to settle on top of an already unclean house... what was I THINKING!!!

I had a few things that came up that held up my progress a little, but I kept telling myself it would all work out fine... right? Right? RIGHT?!! It was 11:30 at night and I still hadn't finished packing. I ended up staying up until almost FOUR in the morning to get everything done... well almost everything... I never got to vacuuming the main floor, cleaning the dishes or finish putting away the last minute groceries for Ryan. Sorry Love. 

Ryan had to give a presentation in class that morning so he had to drop me and the girls off 2 1/2 hours early at the airport. What was I going to do to keep Sarah entertained in the airport. We took our time getting through security, which was honestly a joke trying to do with one hand, I had to take Abby out of her car seat, and then place both her car seat and the stroller on the conveyor belt to get "scanned." I also had to take off Sarah's coat, shoes, my shoes, and find anything else on my body that might set off the alarm all while holding a BABY... with ONE ARM!!! I was very red cheeked by the time we got through. Oh, and getting Sarah to walk through the metal detector by herself was a REAL treat. 

But once that was all done with, we swung by McDonald's for some breakfast and settled in by our gate to wait for our flight. While sitting there I realized that Abby didn't have a plug (aka - pacifier) with her. So I frantically searched the store and found one in a drugstore. I was very grateful that Abby isn't a picky baby and took the plug. I was a bottle of nerves, and being low on sleep didn't help either. Sarah was being her usual bipolar self with more ups than downs. Finally it was ready to bored the overbooked, every seat will be filled, flight. I awkwardly made my way down the tiny aisle of the plane to the 4th to last row and sat by another mother with her toddler. She was very nice and even helped to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone while I fed Abby halfway through the flight. 

The 5 hour flight seemed to last forever. Sarah got a little crazy partway in because she had stink-o-pants again, and changing her, while holding Abby in the bathroom of an airplane is something I never wish to do again. I was grateful when both girls crashed and allowed me to drift off a little myself for a while. 

We had a layover in Las Vegas and I didn't care what people thought of me when I let Sarah run around like a crazy child. We played a little game where Sarah ran up this hall that had a little bit of a ramp and then I would tell her to stop and say "Ready, Set, GO!" and she would run down and jump into my arms and I would twirl her around. I had to find someway to let her get some wiggles out. 

We bought an extremely overpriced hot dog and slice of pizza and waited for our final leg to SLC. 

The flight from Las Vegas to SLC was bliss! The flight had 30 open seats and so I was able to bring Abby's car seat on the flight. She fussed the first 5 minutes of the flight, I fed her and she fell asleep and slept in her carseat the ENTIRE flight! Sarah was darling as well. She happily chatted with the "Grandparents" sitting in front of us and then quietly watched a movie on the portable DVD player. There had to be some serious help from the big guy on that flight... THANK YOU!

When we got down to the baggage claim G'ma & G'pa Newey were there and it was so cute to watch Sarah run and jump into my mom's arms. I could have broken down into tears. I don't remember much else of that night... kind of a daze, but I think we ate some dinner and then the girls and I crashed hard in our beds. 

The big Haircut ... before and after shots seen HERE.

In the middle of the afternoon Sarah's eye got all goopey... yup... PINK EYE! Yuck... luckily my mom had some drops from when my little brother had it just a few months earlier... dang flights... *sigh*

Unfortunately, I had planned a Grandma night with Ryan's mom and we were going to my girls and their Cousin Hallie all play at Grandma Lisa's house while Ryan's Brother Jordan and his wife, Emily went out on a date before their little Carter was born. I was bummed that I couldn't hangout... due to the pink eye, but luckily Grandma Lisa still watched Hallie so Jord & Em could have a night out before Baby #2 (Thanks Lisa, sorry about arranging a night of Babysitting for you...)

I planned a Fun Friday at my friend Val Packer's house in Tooele. What? Never heard of it? Well that is probably because it is clear out in the middle of no where!!! Way to go Val, moving so stinking far away... anyway, she lives in a cute neighborhood in a house that is perfect for her growing little family (bytheway Val... shouldn't you be announcing something about now, according to your pattern it should be about now. j/k). 

We let the kids do a little gift exchange and then did the most important thing... TALK! Yes, we got some adult conversation in while all the kiddos trashed Val's playroom (sorry Val... thanks again for hosting). Here are some pictures of the day...

I normally do a much better job at getting pictures... but I still hadn't really slept since Sunday... Sorry ladies, I am a slacker...

I came home from Tooele to have a girl's night with the Stephenson's... well, sort of. We just ordered pizza and hung out at Jordan and Emily's house... which I found out that night Emily had spent ALL DAY cleaning for us to come over... what a lame SIL I am, making her feel like she had to clean her house while 2 days away from delivering a baby! Sheesh! We did have fun talking and enjoying each others company. I wish I would have planned something more fun, but just getting us together was a miracle. My original plan was to come over and finish helping Em get set up for #2, but that didn't happen... Sorry Em... I love you!!!


Blizzard, White Out Conditions, Hell Froze over, all statements that would say, don't go out and drive... right? Well, I decided to go to watch my Ryan's little sisters performance at the Festival of the Trees in Salt Lake. YIKES! The roads were horrible... I am glad that I didn't drive, my Mother in Law did. We got there and enjoyed walking through and seeing all of the beautiful trees, we even saw a Star Wars set up that was worth over $13,000 that was being donated. It was very cool, and geeky...

That evening I had planned a Girls Night with some of my lady friends. We had a Gingerbread making contest. It was lots of fun, except I was a major party pooper. I was so deprived on sleep, and was starting to get a cold and had a MAJOR headache. The ones that hurts to breathe... no fun. I hope that my girlies still had fun at my lame get together. Here are a few photos. 

Team Wend, Deb & Annie

Team Kara & Mel

Team Ash & Liz

The finished product!

We made the 9 month pregnant one do clean up, aren't we nice friends...

Because we're cool like that!

It was a CRAZY first week of December! Fun, but I think I wore myself completely out. Too much planned in too short of a time and on NO SLEEP... bad combo. Its no wonder I caught a cold and ended up being forced to stay home from church on Sunday (thanks Mom & Dad for taking Sarah to church with you so I could take a nap, you're the best!).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love you Craig...

You have given me so many things for free. Rugs, dressers, clothing for the girls, fabric, TV stand, BUT

I especially love the free piano you gave me,

(Well almost for free... we had to pay to rent a truck to move it.)

(And it'll need to be tuned...and one key repaired)

(But it is a Baldwin... a quality piano that will last forever!)

and for the perfect sized Desk.

Well at least that is what you said it was, a desk, turns out it is a
Just what I have been looking for!

With a bonus Kenmore Sewing machine from 1974! VINTAGE!

They make my heart so happy.
Almost as much as this...

(Check out the Double Chin!)

Thank you Craig and your list of awesomeness! So until next time Craig, I LOVE YOU!

Love, Lizzie

PS - We're going to need to be more careful with our relationship, my husband is starting to wonder where I am getting all of these awesome gifts from.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Third times the Charm

Reward for going Three times all by herself!

Eating Mini-Mallows in a fort while watching a movie.

Hey, whatever works, RIGHT?

Mommy WOW!

I'm a Big Kid Now

Just an update... I turned around and found Sarah going "tinkle on the pottty" ALL BY HERSELF!!! Meaning, I didn't have to ask her if she had to go, drag her over to the potty, tell her she had to sit on it and wait for 10 minutes by her side to make sure she didn't get off before she went. 

Great Job Sar-Bear!

Thanks Family for all of the positive reinforcement via WebCam last night!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No More...

We are Potty Training today! I am done with diapers... Sarah needs to learn, TODAY! So Sarah is equipped with some new Princess Panties, lots of drink and we are going to win this BATTLE!


I do realize that it often takes more than a day, but we are going to make progress today! 
Big progress, BIG!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shhh, don't tell Ryan

Okay, so is this normal? A little over four months ago I delivered Abby, and the painful recovery part is supposed to help in discouraging me to not want to get pregnant with another little one for a good year or two, right? Well I am so baby hungry right now, I don't know what is wrong with me. I am ready for my little boy so I can have this adorableness...

I have way too many friends that have the most ADORABLE little boys, including my sister and soon my sister in law too!

Yeah, I know boys are full of energy, more active and sometimes just a little more crazy than girls, but after all of the bipolar emotional drama in my home I feel as if I can handle just about anything.

Ryan keeps talking about how he wouldn't mind having a much larger age gap between Abby and then next, and I just nod and listen to him, when inside I am thinking... "Hmm, Doc says to wait a year... that is only six months away, I can wait six months."

Why am I baby hungry? I still have a baby!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Case of the Giggles

Abby had been napping in her swing while we were eating dinner, right towards the end she woke up and thought Sarah was so funny. It all started by Sarah squeezing out the air from her puffed up cheeks. I should've grabbed Abby and Daddy a towel by the end because he was pretty drenched!

Hope this gives you a giggle or two!

Name that Blog

Okay, I was looking over my posts and I am taking way too much space on here with projects that I have done. So I think I am going to start another blog, a craft blog *gasp!*, I know, I know, not another craft blog in the world. But I need a place that I can dump my projects on to so that you all won't be bored with my lame creations, that I am super proud of, that keep taking up space on the family blog.

I need help coming up with a name. I know after I made the Elephant Sock Animal someone said - "What Would Liz Do?" But will people get offended because it is kind of like "What Would Jesus Do?" I need some ideas, because I am drawing a blank... I want a fun spunky blog name - something that suits me.

I am a night owl, maybe something with that, it is the only time I get things done. (the past ten crafter, night owl knack, Owlie Style, The Owl's Coop)
I am a "SAHM" (Mormon Acronym - Stay At Home Mom), but everyone does something with that.
Zilnewt has been my e-mail name since junior high... but I can't think of anything to make it creative.
My designated craft area is the basement (or Dungeon as I call it), but I usually sneak and do it on the kitchen table. (Dungeon Owl, Night Owl in the Dungeon).
Spontaneous? Crazy? I think in Middle school I was called Dizzy Lizzy... ha, no.

These are all dumb...
As you can see, I need HELP!

Toss out the ideas... I've got my catchers mitt on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lub Dub

Says Abby's Heart. 

In Ryan's Physical Examination course they have been learning what they should listen for when listening to someone's heart. While reading his textbook (like a good little med student) he read that young children have a slightly different heartbeat than adults do. Wanting to see if he could hear it, Ryan laid Abby down and started listening to her. The next thing he knew he had a shadow right next to him.

Neither Ryan nor I prompted her to go up to her room, grab her doctors kit (which was buried in her toy basket) and come down and put on her "stethoscope"... it was all Miss Sarah. Very cute.

Of course she needed to have a turn of Daddy listening to her heart.
(although Ryan couldn't hear much with all of the giggling going on)

Thanks Aunt Deb for the awesome Dr. kit,
we are sure having lots of fun with it.
(Did I tell you how it help Sarah to get over her Doctor's visit anxiety? I need to if I haven't).

PS - If you notice in the first two pictures she is wearing her apron because she was "helping" me make cookies just a half hour or so before this. What a good little one she is, always willing to help.