Monday, November 16, 2009

Lub Dub

Says Abby's Heart. 

In Ryan's Physical Examination course they have been learning what they should listen for when listening to someone's heart. While reading his textbook (like a good little med student) he read that young children have a slightly different heartbeat than adults do. Wanting to see if he could hear it, Ryan laid Abby down and started listening to her. The next thing he knew he had a shadow right next to him.

Neither Ryan nor I prompted her to go up to her room, grab her doctors kit (which was buried in her toy basket) and come down and put on her "stethoscope"... it was all Miss Sarah. Very cute.

Of course she needed to have a turn of Daddy listening to her heart.
(although Ryan couldn't hear much with all of the giggling going on)

Thanks Aunt Deb for the awesome Dr. kit,
we are sure having lots of fun with it.
(Did I tell you how it help Sarah to get over her Doctor's visit anxiety? I need to if I haven't).

PS - If you notice in the first two pictures she is wearing her apron because she was "helping" me make cookies just a half hour or so before this. What a good little one she is, always willing to help.


grandma stephenson said...

My son will be a great doctor! My daughter(in-law) will make a great doctors wife! And my grandchildren will be the cutest doctors children! I love you all! See you soon!

Deb said...

Fun. I'm glad Sarah likes the kit and that it helped her get over her fear of going to the doctors, I would have never thought... They are the best toys!

Jennifer said...

Such wonderful family moments. Very cute. :)

Ash said...

You always make me smile Liz!

Brooke said...

Lub-dub-dorable, if you ask me.