Sunday, November 8, 2009

I want... I WANT!!

I found my dream stoller!

It is not only lightweight, compact, fits almost any infant carseat, and has the sit 'n stand feature, it also comes in tons of fun COLORS!!

There's a give away going on... HERE. Leelou Swag Rocks!

Leelou is starting a week of posts of MUST HAVES so I thought that I would post my little list of must haves in life...

Sewing Machine... life is more fun when you can create your own designs, and I guess I better add a Seam Ripper, because I definitely use mine all the time.
Play time with the girls... I know that isn't a material thing, but it is a must have in my life!
Baby Swing, has given me so many showers and quick naps... I love you swing... don't die on me.
MacBooks, haven't alway been a fan of Macs, but Ryan has converted me. Ryan has it most of the day but as soon as he is home and done with studying I snatch it. Blogging is soooo much easier with it. One day maybe I'll have one too!
Hairbows... who knows if these will be my only two girls, have to cherish and embellish.
Adhesive Roller (you know for scrapbooking) I use mine ALL the time, for crazy things sometimes. I don't really scrapbook, but they are great for making cards and other random projects.
Camera, and maybe one day I'll have an SLR camera... 
Slow Cooker, I feel like such an awesome homemaker when dinner is made ahead of time... too bad I don't actually do it everyday!
Blogs, they are my detox time!
GIVEAWAYS!!! How else is the wife of a MedStudent supposed to survive in life.

Okay, so these aren't all must haves, but they sure make life more enjoyable!


Erin @ Thimble Ambitions said...

So fabulous!
I HAD to enter - don't hate me if I win :)
thanks for the heads up!

Brooke said...

I have a Joovy, and they are WONDERFUL (although mine is a plain black/silver combo). I love how it comes with the attatchment so you can put a baby car seat in the front.

Best of all, owing to its name, you can tell your child things like "You better clean up kid, or you're going to wind up in Joovy" or "A couple of years in Joovy oughta straighten you out!"