Friday, November 13, 2009

Memory Lane

For Ryan,

These are quotes from when we were dating (as you know). Only you and I will think they are funny, but I don't care, it is fun to remember. I love you!

Lizzie Love

"It hurts my eyes to look at you." - Liz

"Whats that smell?" - Ry
"Shhhh, I farted..." - Liz
This is funny because we were walking in a store past an air freshner, I tried to convince you that girls smelled that good when they tooted.

"Your stomach doesn't like me... (growl) see!!!" - Liz
"Yeah, all he ever does is grumble." - Ry

You were making a butt face." - Liz

"Yes, I'm okay with you being a nutcase. There's gotta be a nut that goes in the nutcase, it might as well be me." - Liz

"No, I'm not blessed by your butt." - Ry

"Yeah, men get hairy back later." - Ry
"What, like in the winter?" - Liz

"Great Goo!" - Ry

Memory: Ryan putting popcorn in the microwave in my parents basement for FOUR minutes. Chris was hanging out with us and the two of them were tossing a ball back and forth while talking and ended up completely burning the popcorn, and almost setting the house on fire!!

"Is that a mosquito bite?" - Liz
"Well its not an ingrown horn!" - Ry

"Keep going - I mean, don't stop..." - Liz (I love you Ry!)

"You might want to get off my tummy, or I'll fart on you!" - Liz

"Man, those are some dirty bugs!" - Ry

"Sometimes I just smile and nod while you're off dancing and frolicking in nerd land." - Liz

Memory: Ryan playing Jon Schmidt songs at a Birthday party and all the little kids running around dancing to the music. After he'd finish each song they'd come and beg him to play another.


Deb said...

You two are a couple of goof balls. "Keep going, I mean dont stop..." that's a little shady Elizabeth!

Ryan Stephenson said...

Ya. She's a bad influence. :)

This is fun to read. I remember these quotes. It makes it sound like all we talked about was butts and farts (which isn't true....I well as I can remember anyway). I guess those are just things that we thought was funny. That's the internal 7 year old inside I guess.

By the way, the "you're making a "but" face" meant that I looked like I was about to say "Ya, but...." as if to disagree with something she said. I wasn't literally making a butt face. I'm not sure I know how to do that, but if I find out I'l let you know.