Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For some reason this summer has been weird for me. 
I've been so antisocial!
When we visited Utah in May, I blamed my antisocialism on just wanting to spend time with family.
When I got home I blamed it on the heat and getting settled back in after a long trip.
Now I just blame it on being pregnant. 
Because after all... that is the truth. 

Yep folks. Stephenson baby #3 will be coming sometime around New Years.
(read to the end for some cute Sarah stories)
It was a little bit of a surprise. We were talking about it... thinking about when would be a good time... and then, well... it just happened on its own. Guess this little one knows when it is supposed to come.

I've been really bad, I just barely had my first doctor's appointment on Monday... finally got to hear the heart beat (at 17 weeks, eek!). So now it feels real. There is a little one in there and soon I won't be able to hide it anymore (the belly bulge is doing a pretty good job disguising it right now).

We're excited and feel so blessed. 
I'm a little nervous. Ryan and I will be out numbered... and we'll see how that goes. 
But I feel like Sarah and Abby will be awesome big sisters. 

Hopefully we'll be announcing the gender around the 11th of August (ultrasound date).
So stay tuned for that announcement.

Now... if you can bare with a few more words, 
I have some thoughts of Sarah's to share since learning the news:

Sarah:  There's a baby in your tummy?
Me: Yup. You're going to be a big sister again.
Sarah: Yea! I'm so excited for my baby brother to get here!!!
Me: Um, we don't know if it is a baby girl, or a baby boy yet. 
Sarah: It's a baby boy! I'm so excited to see him!!!!

And not only is she convinced that the baby is a boy, she is also convinced that his name is Eugene. Hmm... wonder where she got that from...gee, thanks Tangled. So she will randomly come up to my belly and say, "Hi, baby Eugene. I'm so excited to meet you!"

I showed Sarah the song "Zak and Sara" by Ben Folds... she thought it was cool that it said her name in it (even though it is about a crazy girl who hears voices in her head...). We got in the car to pick Ryan up from school and I told her I'd play "her" song. Once it started Sarah yelled,
"Mom! Open up your mouth so the baby can hear my song!"
I explained that the baby could hear just as well with my mouth closed. Sarah rebutted,
"It is too dark and quiet in your tummy, the baby can't hear my song unless you open your mouth!"
*grumble* I am NOT driving around town with my mouth gapping wide open.

While eating a piece of bread she suddenly freezes, stares at the bread and then looks at me... tears off a huge chunks and said, "Mom! Put this in your mouth so you can feed it to the baby." I complied, and she stared in amazement as I chewed and swallowed and looked down at my belly as if she could see the baby eating it.

While helping to set the table Ryan handed Sarah four placemats, one for each of us. We turn around to the table to only see three.
Ryan: Sarah, didn't I give you four placemats?
Sarah: I need one more Dad.
Ryan: *puzzled look* Did I give you four?
Sarah: Yeah, but one was for my baby brother when he gets here. 
We looked over at our little kid table, and sure enough she had placed it over there for the baby to use when it comes. We convinced her to use a coaster instead so that we could use the placemat.

Well, I didn't really have a preference on what we are having until I told Sarah. Now I really hope that it is a boy. Sarah is so excited to have a baby brother... on the other hand, if it is a girl, then I won't have to fight with her about what we are going to name it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Villian

So today while I was slicing veggies preparing my meals for my co-op dinner group I had this little car drive into me, around me and all about the floor. 

I was half paying attention, until it started to pester me a little and I gave the driver, Sarah my full attention. It was then when I realized what was going on. 

Me: Sarah? What are you doing?
Sarah: I'm just tying up Strawberry Shortcake.
Me: Oh... well, carry on.

And here is pretty much what happened next.

"No one can save you now Strawberry Shortcake!"


"Help me! Help me!"

"I have tied you up, and you are my prisoner!"

"Oh No!!!"

"You are mine... now, to think of a plan."
"How to disguise my villainous ways?"

 "Play Innocent?"

"Act Natural?"

 "Nothing going on here...mom"

I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, but I love it. 
Today Sarah also told me that she "hates" girls, and only likes to play with boys. That is until I mentioned Eva and Emery's names... I guess they are the exception to the rule. 

Meanwhile, Abby is plotting her own villainous acts...
 pulling every possible book off of the bookshelf...

Maybe she was doing research for Sarah,
"Hmm... how does Cinderella's evil Stepmother take care of things?"

What ever her plan, it was just too tiring for a two year old.

Exciting times at the Stephenson household.

Feeling the urge to rent "Despicable Me" again.
Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anything you can do...

Can I just say how much I love having two little girls, two sisters, right together.

Oh it is so much fun.

We've been trying to start up our after dinner walks again.
The heat is more than a bit discouraging, but it is oh so worth it.

So we headed for some shady areas to take advantage and snap some sister shots.

I love her little look here.

This walk was all about rocks... and if big sister is picking them up...

lil' sister isn't too far away.

And if sister climbs on her wall...
guess who else has to?

Many faces of Abby

So... I've been lazy lately.
(sorry G'mas)
Haven't bothered to pull out my camera, so I did the other night. 

Here are the many faces she made.

I love this next one... I so wish it was in focus.

Okay, can't have a post with out this cute face in it too.

...and some sister shots.

Also, check out how well her forehead is healing.

Well... a gazillion pictures later...

Hope that filled your Abby and Sarah fixes G'mas. ;)

PS - sorry the coloring is so funky... I tried to get them to all match... but then I added more...and well, remember that part about me being lazy... yeah.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been so bad about taking pictures lately (sorry G'mas)

Part of the reason is because this summer, though we've done fun things, hasn't had too many events that I think to bring my camera to, or to actual use my camera at. 

We've been to the zoo and the lake, all things that I feel I've taken a gazillion pictures of before...
but I still need to make more of an effort to capture more little moments. 

I have a couple of pictures from the other night that I'll pot when I have a little more time... 
but this one couldn't wait...
I only wish that I was focused on both at the time, and didn't cut Abby off.

I had taken a whole bunch of Abby, and then Sarah wanted a turn, so I was taking some of her...
looking through them later I realized how AWESOME Abby looked in this one.

Makes me smile, hope it does the same for you.

Stay tune for some more later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am so not a quilter

So I guess I am just all about ruining surprises today... 
but I'm just so happy to have this project done.

Somehow during my visit to Utah I ended up getting sent home with my sister's baby quilt for her fourth, cute lil' lady to finish up. 
Well... I don't know how, or why this happened... because I learned that 
I am NOT a quilter. 

This was a real learning experience, and I'm sorry Brooke, that it was on your cute baby blanket.

My sister had pieced together the 6 squares and then had her baby before she got to do anymore. 
And as any of you with children know, 
getting things done with a newborn (and 3 other kiddos) is next to impossible. 

So I added the three different borders, to kind of finish off the quilt (not much really).
(don't look too close)
Fun tidbit: Those blue squares were taken from a leftover scrap from a dress my mom made us when we were little. How fun to pass it along in a quilt to lil' Katie.

Now to stick it in the package I've been waiting to send off for the past couple of weeks so that it can get quilted and some binding put around it. 
Can't WAIT to see how it looks when it is quilted. 

Thanks Mom for asking me to do this, and an even bigger thanks to my sis, for letting me work on her cute baby quilt.

Now to all of you real quilters out there, I'll get on my hands and knees and worship you...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Abby's TWO!!

Well,  I had all of these grand plans for Abby's Birthday, but none of it really came together. 
(It seems to sneak up on me each year)

Good thing she is only 2 and won't remember any of it.

The Grandparents sure did a great job making sure she felt special. 
They sent packages and talked to her on the webcam (a few days early). It was cute because she would start singing Happy Birthday back to them. She was a little tired and cranky on Sunday, but still had fun opening presents.
 (Sunday, two days before her Birthday)

Beep, beep, beep, beep-beep-beep.
****We interupt this birthday program to bring you the 4th of July!****

On the fourth I honestly felt really homesick for Utah. 
I miss the parades, the hometown feeling, the West Point dinner, the booths at the park and definitely laying on a blanket playing games waiting for the fireworks to start. 

But luckily we have some wonderful friends that invited us over for a BBQ to help dull that homesick feeling.  Thanks Olsen's!
 It was nice to let the kids run around in the yard and be able to just chill and chat with everyone that was there. We did get forced inside because of a sudden down pour, but it was still so much fun. 
After it got good and dark, we had a small package of fireworks to light off and some sparklers for the kiddos to play with. It was a fun, fun night. 

Okay, onto Abby's special day.
Here she is on her arrival day, I just love this picture. 

Our big TWO year old!
She was so excited to wear her new birthday dress!

Happy Birthday Abby!

She was so cute trying to blow out her candles.

Finally Ryan got her to puff out the air and it got them.

Of course Sarah enjoyed the cupcakes!
(or at least the frosting) 

Abby mostly loved the ice cream.

All that sugar, makes for a happy Birthday girl. 

If we would have thought more clearly, we would have done presents first, but we cleaned up Abby, got her dressed again, and did presents. 

She wasn't a fan of "Heavy, heavy hang over"

but definitely loved opening presents.

Her new kitty from Sarah.

It was a simple and fun Birthday, just the way we like it.

Well Abby, I can hardly believe you are two! It is crazy how fast time flies. I love you lots and lots and am so glad that I get to be your mommy. Can't wait to see all the fun things you learn to do this year. 
I love you!