Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am so not a quilter

So I guess I am just all about ruining surprises today... 
but I'm just so happy to have this project done.

Somehow during my visit to Utah I ended up getting sent home with my sister's baby quilt for her fourth, cute lil' lady to finish up. 
Well... I don't know how, or why this happened... because I learned that 
I am NOT a quilter. 

This was a real learning experience, and I'm sorry Brooke, that it was on your cute baby blanket.

My sister had pieced together the 6 squares and then had her baby before she got to do anymore. 
And as any of you with children know, 
getting things done with a newborn (and 3 other kiddos) is next to impossible. 

So I added the three different borders, to kind of finish off the quilt (not much really).
(don't look too close)
Fun tidbit: Those blue squares were taken from a leftover scrap from a dress my mom made us when we were little. How fun to pass it along in a quilt to lil' Katie.

Now to stick it in the package I've been waiting to send off for the past couple of weeks so that it can get quilted and some binding put around it. 
Can't WAIT to see how it looks when it is quilted. 

Thanks Mom for asking me to do this, and an even bigger thanks to my sis, for letting me work on her cute baby quilt.

Now to all of you real quilters out there, I'll get on my hands and knees and worship you...


Karla said...

Wow - I've got a quilt 1/2 done that I'm working on. The only real motivation? It counts as a YW personal progress project - so I must finish. Thanks for reminding me and making me want to keep going.

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

That looks SO amazing! I can't wait to get it to the quilt lady. A million thank yous for actually having the courage to take on that project.

Deb said...

It looks so cute! All those little triangles and stuff are hard work (that's why I just did big squares and rectangles on that second quilt I made.) You ARE a quilter! Great job.

Lizzie said...

@Deb - Oh, I didn't do the triangle parts. That is what Brooke did. I just sewed the borders in between and around the whole thing, it really wasn't much, but I did awful with it. Couldn't get my squares to line up, it was tough stuff!

Momma Twitch said...

I think it looks GREAT!! You did well. Practice makes perfect. :) My lines never really line up right.

Brooke said...

It looks SO COOL!!!! I don't know what you're complaining about -- I don't see any flaws in particular. But then again, my quilting's pretty lousy, too (as you probably noticed in the patchwork blocks) so what do I know?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! It's an awesome surprise!