Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love you Craig...

You have given me so many things for free. Rugs, dressers, clothing for the girls, fabric, TV stand, BUT

I especially love the free piano you gave me,

(Well almost for free... we had to pay to rent a truck to move it.)

(And it'll need to be tuned...and one key repaired)

(But it is a Baldwin... a quality piano that will last forever!)

and for the perfect sized Desk.

Well at least that is what you said it was, a desk, turns out it is a
Just what I have been looking for!

With a bonus Kenmore Sewing machine from 1974! VINTAGE!

They make my heart so happy.
Almost as much as this...

(Check out the Double Chin!)

Thank you Craig and your list of awesomeness! So until next time Craig, I LOVE YOU!

Love, Lizzie

PS - We're going to need to be more careful with our relationship, my husband is starting to wonder where I am getting all of these awesome gifts from.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Third times the Charm

Reward for going Three times all by herself!

Eating Mini-Mallows in a fort while watching a movie.

Hey, whatever works, RIGHT?

Mommy WOW!

I'm a Big Kid Now

Just an update... I turned around and found Sarah going "tinkle on the pottty" ALL BY HERSELF!!! Meaning, I didn't have to ask her if she had to go, drag her over to the potty, tell her she had to sit on it and wait for 10 minutes by her side to make sure she didn't get off before she went. 

Great Job Sar-Bear!

Thanks Family for all of the positive reinforcement via WebCam last night!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No More...

We are Potty Training today! I am done with diapers... Sarah needs to learn, TODAY! So Sarah is equipped with some new Princess Panties, lots of drink and we are going to win this BATTLE!


I do realize that it often takes more than a day, but we are going to make progress today! 
Big progress, BIG!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shhh, don't tell Ryan

Okay, so is this normal? A little over four months ago I delivered Abby, and the painful recovery part is supposed to help in discouraging me to not want to get pregnant with another little one for a good year or two, right? Well I am so baby hungry right now, I don't know what is wrong with me. I am ready for my little boy so I can have this adorableness...

I have way too many friends that have the most ADORABLE little boys, including my sister and soon my sister in law too!

Yeah, I know boys are full of energy, more active and sometimes just a little more crazy than girls, but after all of the bipolar emotional drama in my home I feel as if I can handle just about anything.

Ryan keeps talking about how he wouldn't mind having a much larger age gap between Abby and then next, and I just nod and listen to him, when inside I am thinking... "Hmm, Doc says to wait a year... that is only six months away, I can wait six months."

Why am I baby hungry? I still have a baby!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Case of the Giggles

Abby had been napping in her swing while we were eating dinner, right towards the end she woke up and thought Sarah was so funny. It all started by Sarah squeezing out the air from her puffed up cheeks. I should've grabbed Abby and Daddy a towel by the end because he was pretty drenched!

Hope this gives you a giggle or two!

Name that Blog

Okay, I was looking over my posts and I am taking way too much space on here with projects that I have done. So I think I am going to start another blog, a craft blog *gasp!*, I know, I know, not another craft blog in the world. But I need a place that I can dump my projects on to so that you all won't be bored with my lame creations, that I am super proud of, that keep taking up space on the family blog.

I need help coming up with a name. I know after I made the Elephant Sock Animal someone said - "What Would Liz Do?" But will people get offended because it is kind of like "What Would Jesus Do?" I need some ideas, because I am drawing a blank... I want a fun spunky blog name - something that suits me.

I am a night owl, maybe something with that, it is the only time I get things done. (the past ten crafter, night owl knack, Owlie Style, The Owl's Coop)
I am a "SAHM" (Mormon Acronym - Stay At Home Mom), but everyone does something with that.
Zilnewt has been my e-mail name since junior high... but I can't think of anything to make it creative.
My designated craft area is the basement (or Dungeon as I call it), but I usually sneak and do it on the kitchen table. (Dungeon Owl, Night Owl in the Dungeon).
Spontaneous? Crazy? I think in Middle school I was called Dizzy Lizzy... ha, no.

These are all dumb...
As you can see, I need HELP!

Toss out the ideas... I've got my catchers mitt on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lub Dub

Says Abby's Heart. 

In Ryan's Physical Examination course they have been learning what they should listen for when listening to someone's heart. While reading his textbook (like a good little med student) he read that young children have a slightly different heartbeat than adults do. Wanting to see if he could hear it, Ryan laid Abby down and started listening to her. The next thing he knew he had a shadow right next to him.

Neither Ryan nor I prompted her to go up to her room, grab her doctors kit (which was buried in her toy basket) and come down and put on her "stethoscope"... it was all Miss Sarah. Very cute.

Of course she needed to have a turn of Daddy listening to her heart.
(although Ryan couldn't hear much with all of the giggling going on)

Thanks Aunt Deb for the awesome Dr. kit,
we are sure having lots of fun with it.
(Did I tell you how it help Sarah to get over her Doctor's visit anxiety? I need to if I haven't).

PS - If you notice in the first two pictures she is wearing her apron because she was "helping" me make cookies just a half hour or so before this. What a good little one she is, always willing to help.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ryan finished up his Cell Bio class with a Test on Saturday morning, so all week he had been planning on taking me out on a date that evening. He was cute and had called our friends the Gardiner's to see if they could babysit and had it all arranged. He wanted to take me to a movie, but there really wasn't anything we wanted to see, well thats not entirely true, he wanted to take me to see 2012, but that just didn't scream romantic date night to me... I know, I am a rotten wife...

So instead we decided to go to Starbucks, get a yummy treat and play Scrabble. Ryan had a white hot chocolate with nutmeg and carmel complimented by a double chocolate brownie, and I had a pumpkin spice creme frap accompanied by a pumpkin spice scone (gotta order the pumpkin while its in!). They were so yummy! We only got a few weird looks for playing scrabble in there (and for ordering coffee free drinks), but we didn't care, we were having fun.

The game was pretty much a tie, but for the record I won... hahaha! I think we will be playing this game quite a bit, or until Ryan schools me.

Thanks for a fun night out Ry! I love you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Eleanor

Today after I had finished Sarah's hair I told her how pretty she looked. Sarah wanted to see, so I slide over a step stool so she could see herself in the mirror. Sarah immediately said,

"I'm Eleanor!"

She sure does love and miss her Cousin Eleanor, so does Aunt Lizzie!

Sarah is not the only one who thinks that she looks like Eleanor, everyone in the ward who knew my sister's family while they lived here tells me how much they look like each other. It is fun to have cousins that look so much a like. Who will Abby look like...

Memory Lane

For Ryan,

These are quotes from when we were dating (as you know). Only you and I will think they are funny, but I don't care, it is fun to remember. I love you!

Lizzie Love

"It hurts my eyes to look at you." - Liz

"Whats that smell?" - Ry
"Shhhh, I farted..." - Liz
This is funny because we were walking in a store past an air freshner, I tried to convince you that girls smelled that good when they tooted.

"Your stomach doesn't like me... (growl) see!!!" - Liz
"Yeah, all he ever does is grumble." - Ry

You were making a butt face." - Liz

"Yes, I'm okay with you being a nutcase. There's gotta be a nut that goes in the nutcase, it might as well be me." - Liz

"No, I'm not blessed by your butt." - Ry

"Yeah, men get hairy back later." - Ry
"What, like in the winter?" - Liz

"Great Goo!" - Ry

Memory: Ryan putting popcorn in the microwave in my parents basement for FOUR minutes. Chris was hanging out with us and the two of them were tossing a ball back and forth while talking and ended up completely burning the popcorn, and almost setting the house on fire!!

"Is that a mosquito bite?" - Liz
"Well its not an ingrown horn!" - Ry

"Keep going - I mean, don't stop..." - Liz (I love you Ry!)

"You might want to get off my tummy, or I'll fart on you!" - Liz

"Man, those are some dirty bugs!" - Ry

"Sometimes I just smile and nod while you're off dancing and frolicking in nerd land." - Liz

Memory: Ryan playing Jon Schmidt songs at a Birthday party and all the little kids running around dancing to the music. After he'd finish each song they'd come and beg him to play another.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's got the look...

(She's got the look), she's got the look, (she's got the look), What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue... (hope you don't get that stuck in your head for too long).

Sarah has the Newey talent!
Raising one eye-brow and winking at a young age! Go Sarah!

I love how she makes me laugh everyday. The first two seconds I could watch over and over, I love how she turns her head when she makes the look. So funny! Just ignore the fact that she just about pokes her eye out with her fork...hehehe...*sigh* Anywho, hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and that it isn't a video only a parent would love.

Also, I FINALLY finished my Baskets! Yay!!! I have been doing way too many projects in between, but after finishing some curtains for my kitchen Tuesday, I decided I really needed to sit down and finished these baskets. They really wouldn't have taken so long if I just had a couple of hours straight to work on them.

Let me know what you think!



I love them. I think I asked Ryan if he thought they were cute about 20 times last night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grandma's Medicine

Instructions: Take daily as needed with plenty of water.

Sorry the lighting is so bad, she is blowing bubbles... you only need to watch the first 30 seconds... its kind of lame after that.

Abby loves it when Daddy holds her... she's telling us all about it.

She was really giggling BEFORE the camera came out...

Rolling, now if she'd consistent roll back onto her tummy...

Smiley Pancakes


If you look closely you can see her Berry Smoothie 'Stache as well. 

Can you see the drip of syrup hanging off her nose?

Finger licking good!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For my princesses

A Tea Party

Queen Sarah

The spread.

Princess Abby

Sarah discovered Kiwi... she loves them (darn it) guess I better buy more next time I'm at the store... she gobbled up my supply.

Chocolate Orange anyone?

They love each others company!

PS - Thanks for the great advice Mom, I love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Sarah thought it was funny to steal my hat and wear it. She is just too cute, I love my little Sarah-Beth!

Oh and here is a behind the scene shot of my little diva before the photo shoot.

Such a good big sister, always so sweet to Lil' Abby!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This was actually last week, got it on here way late.

I have been so off lately, so I decided to let the house go and have a picnic with Sarah. She loved it, especially that she got to eat on the floor, what a treat!

Can you see the excitement!

Abby was thrilled too!

She was really interested in the food, tried really hard to get it.

She shoved like four pieces of banana in her mouth, I couldn't help myself.

Of course we had to tickle that angry face away.

Abby helping her self to some toys.

Sarah pretending to be Abby.

So Sarah is in LOVE with the show "The Tale of Despereaux," or the Mouse Show as she calls it, she made this 'sword' out of a magnetic alphabet "O" and a ruler. Very creative I thought.

We can get Sarah to do pretty much anything just by mentioning this movie.

"Despereaux eats all of his dinner"
"Hurry, run up the Stairs like Despereaux."
"Lets get our Jammies on so we can jump on the bed like Despereaux"
(The mouse doesn't jump on any beds in the movie, but it still works). 

We are totally going to take advantage of this while we can. It helps keep away the grumpy grumps when we make life a little more fun pretending to be Despereaux the brave mouse!