Sunday, November 8, 2009


This was actually last week, got it on here way late.

I have been so off lately, so I decided to let the house go and have a picnic with Sarah. She loved it, especially that she got to eat on the floor, what a treat!

Can you see the excitement!

Abby was thrilled too!

She was really interested in the food, tried really hard to get it.

She shoved like four pieces of banana in her mouth, I couldn't help myself.

Of course we had to tickle that angry face away.

Abby helping her self to some toys.

Sarah pretending to be Abby.

So Sarah is in LOVE with the show "The Tale of Despereaux," or the Mouse Show as she calls it, she made this 'sword' out of a magnetic alphabet "O" and a ruler. Very creative I thought.

We can get Sarah to do pretty much anything just by mentioning this movie.

"Despereaux eats all of his dinner"
"Hurry, run up the Stairs like Despereaux."
"Lets get our Jammies on so we can jump on the bed like Despereaux"
(The mouse doesn't jump on any beds in the movie, but it still works). 

We are totally going to take advantage of this while we can. It helps keep away the grumpy grumps when we make life a little more fun pretending to be Despereaux the brave mouse!


Gwendolyn said...

Fun! My kids love picnics. Maybe it's time for another one...