Thursday, September 27, 2007

Name Origin

Well hello friends and family! Here is our little family blogspot! *yeah* I thought that I would have my first blog explain our name a little.
As you may know, our last name is Stephenson. Well, Ryan has grown up with a couple of other Ryan’s, and to clarify which Ryan people would want to talk to they began to call Ryan: Stevie. So since there are three "Stevies" thus far, that is what our blogspot title became. Stevie times three. I know, I am not the most creative, but it shouldn't be too hard to remember right?
Anyway, I hope that I can keep the postings fun and interesting. If nothing else, it will be a fun distraction from my studies. He he! Toodles!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To hard work, stress and Ryan

     Okay let me preface this by saying that I have never been the best college student. Don't get me wrong, I held about a "B" average, but in my past college days I have side stepped my studies to play with friends. I figured, which is more important, showing people that I love them...or showing a professor that I can regurgitate info they have given me\

     Well since I have married my amazingly intelligent husband he has inspired me to do better. Last week was...well aweful. I had three tests all crammed right by each other. Which I should have been fine right, I mean I am not working...just watching a baby full time...HA! I think it would be easier to work full time and go to school than be a mom full time. When you are working you can come home and have uninterupted study time. When you are a mommy, the only uninterupted time you get is when you are lucky enough to lure your child into taking a nap (and then you are lucky if you get a full hour to yourself).

     Well on Saturday I had my last test of the week and I was completely burnt out. I had stayed up until 2am and gotten up at 6am for two or three days and I was just blitzed! I called my husband in tears saying that my professor was a joke and expected us to memorize things that were completely unapplicable to my life. My husband offered some encouraging words but most importantly told me that he believed that I could do it.

     Well I just got the results back from my last test and I feel I fared rather well. I got a 88%, 97% and an 99%!! Whahoo! I'll take it. I am so lucky to have such a supportive man that motivates me to exceed my expectations.

Thank you Ryan!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Embarrassing Surprise Visit

So today I was getting Sarah ready and my phone rang. It was the Relief Society President in my ward. The entire relief society presidency wanted to drop by and see how I was doing. Nice right? Except for the fact that my home looks like a bomb went off! (I've allowed my school to excuse myself from daily chores...ha ha...bad idea!)
It has been awhile since I was that embarrassed.
Needless to say, after they left I went on a cleaning kick and whipped the living room, bathroom and Sarah's bedroom into shape. The kitchen and my bedroom are still a hopeless cause...but I am only one woman! *sigh*
Tomorrow is another day!