Monday, May 2, 2011

Abby loves me!

Now that Sarah and Abby are sharing a bed together they have been so much more lovey. 
It is adorable and I just want to sit and watch them all day long. 
At bedtime after our usual routine, I lay them down on either side of the bed and Abby jumps up, runs over to Sarah's side, and jumps on her smothering her with loves. 
It is so cute, and usually results in lots and lots of giggles. 

"Look Mom! Abby really, really loves me!"

Now Abby does it all of the time. She loves tackling Sarah and making her big sister giggle.
Can life get any better than this?
I love my little girls.


So I'm behind a little...*sigh* what's new. 

Here is our Egg Coloring fun. 

The ROY G. BIV set up.

My loverly assistant.

I got all of the egg dying stuff out and ready and had the girls go and get daddy. He was in the middle of a practice test so we had to wait a minute for him. 

Sarah was really patient.

Abby... not so much.

We got her set up with some paper towels and the little egg-dipping-wire-thingy and it held her over.

I didn't mind waiting a bit for Daddy... gave me a chance to get my fill of pictures.

Starting to lose patience again. 

Still waiting happily. 
Sarah has really had a turn around with her attitude. For a while there I felt she was just angry all of the time, made me so sad... you know how us mothers love to blame ourselves. 
Lately, a happy, cheerful Sarah is pretty much all we see. I love it.
And I love this double chin shot.

Finally! Getting down to business.

Sarah had lots of fun. 
(check grumpy-grump Abby in the background... she was tired)

I was kind of disappointed with our little egg dying kit. The colors just didn't work out that well.
Oh well. There's alway next year.
 Can you tell what colors Sarah kept wanting to use?
Egg-cellent fun!