Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zak, Chocolate Edition

I need a little therapy today. 
Seems like that is all I use this blog for anymore.
*sorry grandparents*

I really don't want to talk about why... I just need to stare at cute pictures all day.
Sharing them with you helps too. 
Who doesn't love to show off their kids. 
And quite often through your comments,
I almost become convinced that they really are the cutest kids. ever.
*wink wink* 

Anyway... we'll start the ball rolling with the Zakster.
3rd edition Stephenson. 
Turned out quite nice if I do say so myself.

We made waffle cookies Sunday night, and in the morning (being the amazing mom I am) I let the kids have some for breakfast with a glass of milk. This is actually after I took Sarah to school, but he was being so darling enjoying them that it motivated me to snap some pictures. 

Oh, these big, sweet eyes. 
I'm still not sure what color to classify them as. 
They were so blue up until he was 6 months, and they they've slowly been getting more brown in them. 
Whatever color they are, or will be. I sure do love them.  

He smiles just like his mama, eyes go all squinty.
Those are the best smiles, when it gets so big that his cheeks squish his eyes shut. 

So far, he has been my most vocal and chattery child. 
Both Sarah and Abby didn't talk much until they we older. 
He is doing all of the typical language development milestones.
My favorite right now is him sticking his tongue out and making lots of la, bla, lop, lala noises. 
He really is trying to tell me something... 

He is a giggly one too. 
Especially when Big Sis Sarah is around, or right before bedtime.
Trying to get my camera, I'm sure. 

It is so funny to see him around people he is unfamiliar with.
This is pretty much the look that he will give them. 
Looking them over to see if they are okay. 

I still am in love with his long, long lashes.
I've been secretly trying to teach him how to give butterfly kisses.
Haven't been successful, but he has mastered giving big, wide-mouthed slobberfest kisses. 

Chubby Cheeks!!!
I'd even take crumb covered kisses too. 

I love watching him pick things up. He will touch something with his pointer finger and then slide his thumb up to pinch-pick it up.

What a smug look on this mug.

I can tell when he gets close to being done eating. 
He'll become curious and start experimenting with things.
This morning, it was dropping things off the tray.
Haven't had a kid who purposefully throws things overboard. 
This will be a test of patience.

But then when you look up and see this... 

or this...

How could you really get mad? 

Okay, okay.... he is giving me the "I'm done" look.
(love that scrunchy nose face) 

And the "who will save me" look.

Guess I better give him a rest. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He's One!!!

I can hardly believe it.
This past year really flew by. Holy Moly.

But yes, the Zakster is now One.

He actually got two Birthday Celebrations.

One a few days before his birthday, while the kids and I were still in Utah
(Daddy was present via webcam)
And one after we got home a few days after his Birthday with our little family.

So... let the frosting fest begin!!

 He really, really wanted the candle...

He really didn't know where to start...

Once he finally grabbed it and then looked at me like,
"Is this Okay mom?"

It didn't take long to really dig in.


Eh... okay, I'm done guys...

On to Sugarfest, take two! 

We got this cake from our local bakery so we could have the little smash cake.
The baker gave me specific instructions that no one, not a single person but Zak were able to eat, even taste the smash cake. It was all his. 
(so of course I had to take a bit or two... just because she forbade it!) 

He was much quicker to dive in with this cake.

He tried to pick all of the confetti sprinkles off and eat them.

Eventually that took too long for even him and he dove right in.

So good... 

Well Zak, Happy Birthday!
We sure love having you in our family.

We didn't really get Zak anything for his birthday 
(your grandparents did plenty in that department)
But he did get two more bottom teeth.
Yup, 7 & 8 broke through on his Birthday.