Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He's One!!!

I can hardly believe it.
This past year really flew by. Holy Moly.

But yes, the Zakster is now One.

He actually got two Birthday Celebrations.

One a few days before his birthday, while the kids and I were still in Utah
(Daddy was present via webcam)
And one after we got home a few days after his Birthday with our little family.

So... let the frosting fest begin!!

 He really, really wanted the candle...

He really didn't know where to start...

Once he finally grabbed it and then looked at me like,
"Is this Okay mom?"

It didn't take long to really dig in.


Eh... okay, I'm done guys...

On to Sugarfest, take two! 

We got this cake from our local bakery so we could have the little smash cake.
The baker gave me specific instructions that no one, not a single person but Zak were able to eat, even taste the smash cake. It was all his. 
(so of course I had to take a bit or two... just because she forbade it!) 

He was much quicker to dive in with this cake.

He tried to pick all of the confetti sprinkles off and eat them.

Eventually that took too long for even him and he dove right in.

So good... 

Well Zak, Happy Birthday!
We sure love having you in our family.

We didn't really get Zak anything for his birthday 
(your grandparents did plenty in that department)
But he did get two more bottom teeth.
Yup, 7 & 8 broke through on his Birthday.


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

I love the pic where he is serious and looking off to the side with his hand on the cake. I can totally see that on a wedding video in 20+ years. What an adorable little man!

Deb said...

I love the cake pictures! Such a cute boy. (I would've tried the cake first too...crazy lady.)