Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sledding with a Surprise!

The whole time I was in Utah I was praying for snow. 
I packed all of the kids snow gear and I needed some justification for bringing it all.
I had only planned on the girls playing out in my parents backyard, and sledding down a small hill in the park behind their house. 

But, when I realized that Sarah's best friend the the whole, wide, world would be visiting Utah...
we had to meet up... even if it meant sledding down a hill bigger than they ever had before.

Both of our girls had never really been sledding. Sure we sled down our driveway when it snows in Pittsburgh, but that isn't really much.

So both girls were a little timid about it. 

But after going down once, they were hooked and had so much fun.

And who was our surprise?


Sarah was so excited. Although you wouldn't have been able to tell by their first interactions. They both were acting so shy. Made me laugh. 
Silly girls. I'm sure if we could have spent the day together they would have been just like before. 

This hill was quite the mountain to climb.
It was so cute watching these girls climb back up and their crazy ideas for doing so.
Like pulling each other up the hill... on the sled.
Pretending to be like dogs... you get the idea. 

Ryan and I even went down a few times. 
Abby actually preferred to just slide down on her bum.

But I convinced her to go down once with me before we left. 

Yay for snowy days!!