Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread Houses 2012

It was getting down to crunch time before we flew out to Utah, but I wanted to have the girls make gingerbread for their teachers. So one late night later... I had homemade gingerbread for them to make little houses out of. 

They are really simple because I did it by myself. And trust me, getting the house to stand by yourself is tough, so we just did simple designs. I'd put a strip of frosting down and then they'd lay out the candy. 

Here is Sarah's
 There are D's on the ginger people for her teacher's name. DiSilvio.
The green one is Mrs. DiSilvio, and the red is her husband.

Sarah was quite proud of her work. 

Then Abby has two preschool teachers, and got a bit more help from me. 
But did a great job decorating them. 

Here is Mrs. Pini's

and Ms. Seiler's

When I carried them in to the school (which was quite the spectacle with me, Abby, Zak, two gingerbread houses, wrapping paper (that was the teacher gift from me)... I'm surprised something didn't crash to the ground. 

Anyway. I brought them in, and Mrs. Pini told me that it was the first year that she didn't make houses with her kids (they are older and married) and she was sad not to have one on her mantle. We were happy to fill it up for her. I'm glad she told me that. It made the frosting filled evening worth it. 

Now... don't be too impressed with my gingerbread houses. 
I went to my mom's house for Christmas and discovered the village she made this year.

On pedestals and everything!

Check out the teeny tiny wreath! Love!