Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Fix-it

While working up the motivation to clean up the house tonight, I sat at the computer to look up what mischief our lil' Elf Eubie should get into tonight. 
Zak came over and happily began slapping my lap for attention, slightly bouncing up and down and occasionally planting an open mouthed kiss/love bite on my leg.
I'm feeling lazy so I rummaged through my church bag, sitting at my feet, for a distraction.
A little tupperware with a twisting lid, holding two final cheerios.
I gave the tupperware a few good shakes to show Zak how he could make some noise, and he happily waddled off with the container. 

A few minutes later I looked over after hearing him repeatedly drop items on the floor over and over again. Some how he managed to remove the lid. Any evidence of cheerios is now gone. 
The only thing left is the container and its lid. 
Realizing the snacks were gone, Zak began attempting to replace the lid back onto the container.
Since it is a twisting lid, it doesn't have a good groove that it will easily slide into. So as he tried over and over, pudgy fingers getting in the way of the container lining up right, the lid and container kept falling on to our wooden floor. 

I couldn't help myself. I had to just sit and watch him. 
Ever since Zak was wee little, he has be curious how things worked. 
Starting with simply watching his hands open and close until he figured out how to grab things.
So patiently he sits, here by my side, diligently working to replace the lid he removed.
He gets so close, and then... oh, off the lid falls again. 

It is really fun watching someone learn and grow.
I'm really glad I procrastinated tidying up so I could watch this. 

See proof of messy house in back ground... yes... I need to stop blogging and get to work.

PS - I think the true reasoning behind his diligence was to give the container back to me, so I could refill it. Our little game while shopping is he pulls it out of my bag, hands it to me, and I open it and give him a snack. Guess he thinks the game won't work if the lid is off. ;) 


Jennifer said...

He is definitely a determined little thinker. So cute!