Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love you Craig...

You have given me so many things for free. Rugs, dressers, clothing for the girls, fabric, TV stand, BUT

I especially love the free piano you gave me,

(Well almost for free... we had to pay to rent a truck to move it.)

(And it'll need to be tuned...and one key repaired)

(But it is a Baldwin... a quality piano that will last forever!)

and for the perfect sized Desk.

Well at least that is what you said it was, a desk, turns out it is a
Just what I have been looking for!

With a bonus Kenmore Sewing machine from 1974! VINTAGE!

They make my heart so happy.
Almost as much as this...

(Check out the Double Chin!)

Thank you Craig and your list of awesomeness! So until next time Craig, I LOVE YOU!

Love, Lizzie

PS - We're going to need to be more careful with our relationship, my husband is starting to wonder where I am getting all of these awesome gifts from.


Ryan Stephenson said...

It's no secret. I've known for a long time. I figure it's okay since it's a website. I hope I've at least got SOMETHING to offer that a website doesn't..... I hope.

Ash said...

Awesome Liz! Your a lucky gal!!!

Heidi said...

Liz, You're so creative!! I love it!! Can Craig find free stuff for me? Possibly a car??? :)

Gwendolyn said...

That's cool Liz! Do you play?
I can't believe how much hair Abby has!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!

Ashley said...

Liz, I love craigslist too, it can be so addicting! Congrats on the potty training!!

Brooke said...

A piano?!? That's awesome -- what a great find! I'm just a little weirded out, though, because it looks JUST LIKE MINE. It's like the Piano of Homeowners Past is haunting your dining room.

Have you looked inside it? A lot of older pianos in Pittsburgh have soot on the inside, if they were around during the steel mill days.

Shelene said...

Wow, calling that sewing machine vintage makes me feel old! It is the same one my mom has and had all while we were growing's a good machine! (Eric's wife)