Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Name that Blog

Okay, I was looking over my posts and I am taking way too much space on here with projects that I have done. So I think I am going to start another blog, a craft blog *gasp!*, I know, I know, not another craft blog in the world. But I need a place that I can dump my projects on to so that you all won't be bored with my lame creations, that I am super proud of, that keep taking up space on the family blog.

I need help coming up with a name. I know after I made the Elephant Sock Animal someone said - "What Would Liz Do?" But will people get offended because it is kind of like "What Would Jesus Do?" I need some ideas, because I am drawing a blank... I want a fun spunky blog name - something that suits me.

I am a night owl, maybe something with that, it is the only time I get things done. (the past ten crafter, night owl knack, Owlie Style, The Owl's Coop)
I am a "SAHM" (Mormon Acronym - Stay At Home Mom), but everyone does something with that.
Zilnewt has been my e-mail name since junior high... but I can't think of anything to make it creative.
My designated craft area is the basement (or Dungeon as I call it), but I usually sneak and do it on the kitchen table. (Dungeon Owl, Night Owl in the Dungeon).
Spontaneous? Crazy? I think in Middle school I was called Dizzy Lizzy... ha, no.

These are all dumb...
As you can see, I need HELP!

Toss out the ideas... I've got my catchers mitt on.


Anonymous said...

The Vintage Daffodil

The Sassy Hobo

The Soulful Polkadot

The Gifted Plum

The Flirty Owl

The Turquoise Pomegranite

The Hip Iris

The Pensive Pauper

The Cupcake Fedora

The Jealous Polaroid

The Delicious Lovely

The Dancing Strawberry

The Crafty Rockstar

The Vested Bestie

Amber said...

While the Babies Sleep...

Deb said...

I am so offended you said What Would Liz Do. Huff!

Here's a site that has some inspiring blog names, maybe it will help... http://dvdpanache.blogspot.com/2007/03/700-possible-blog-names.html

Deb said...

Oh and my favorite is What Would Liz Do. Just so you know.

Gwendolyn said...

i like what would liz do? and dizzy lizzy would be totally cute.

Chantele said...

Dungeon Designs.:) Designs from the Dungeon, Lizzy's crafting corner... Just to name a few. I like naming things!:)

Red Dawg said...

bludgeon dungeon

project lizzy

DIY Dungeon