Sunday, July 17, 2011

Many faces of Abby

So... I've been lazy lately.
(sorry G'mas)
Haven't bothered to pull out my camera, so I did the other night. 

Here are the many faces she made.

I love this next one... I so wish it was in focus.

Okay, can't have a post with out this cute face in it too.

...and some sister shots.

Also, check out how well her forehead is healing.

Well... a gazillion pictures later...

Hope that filled your Abby and Sarah fixes G'mas. ;)

PS - sorry the coloring is so funky... I tried to get them to all match... but then I added more...and well, remember that part about me being lazy... yeah.


Ali or Mike said...

They are too cute!!! I love the one of Abby that you have as you FB profile pic.