Sunday, July 3, 2011


Oh this little one (on the right) is far too much like her mother. 

Yes, folks, she got her first set of stitches.
We just had tons of fun at a ward potluck luncheon and decided to finish off the day going for a swim at our community pool. I was excited, and lately getting into a swimsuit is NOT exciting for me, so we were all a bit bummed when we couldn't go. 
It was all really quick, as most accidents go. 
I ran into the house to get changed and Ryan asked if I buckled the girls in, (I had just changed them out in the van), I honestly couldn't remember, I thought maybe I had, so he ran down to check. Abby was strapped in, but Sarah wasn't. She was actually coming up the basement stairs to get us. Ryan asked her to go get strapped in and followed her to make sure she did, she rounded the corner and the basement door was still open and hit the side of it where the mechanism that catches in the door frame was. It didn't look too serious of a bump (and Sarah cries hard over anything) so he proceeded to take her out to the car, until he looked down to see blood everywhere. It was right in the middle of her forehead, and facial wounds gush. 

Meanwhile, I'm upstairs getting dressed and come down to see what all the commotion was about. I was about to walk into the kitchen and Ryan said, "Don't freak out Liz, its not as bad as it looks." Which was a good warning because there was blood EVERYWHERE. We wiped all of the blood off (which I think was the main cause of drama) and assessed the wound. Darn... it is going to need stitches. 
So off to the ER we went. The children's hospital was great. They put a numbing cream on her so that she didn't have to get a shot, and wrapped her up like a burrito during the stitches to help her stay still and I was able to be with her the whole time. I had to choke back the tears when she politely asked the doctor, "Will you please stop doing that to me." I talked to her about all kinds of things, and even said that she earned her Zhu-Zhu pet, which we had been working toward, early for being so good (on clearance at Target, SCORE). It was an exhausting day, but today Sarah is feeling much better, and is excited to go to church and tell all her friends about her boo-boo.
Way to be a trooper Sarah. That was a scary thing you just went through.
I love you!


Deb said...

Aww that's sad. I just feel bad that you guys didn't get to go swimming! Hope she feels better and it doesn't hurt anymore. Good thing Dr. Ryan was around, if that was me, by myself, I would have flipped out.

Ash said...

Holy crap Liz I would have freaked! Like Deb said, good thing theres a Dr in the house. :) I always hear about these stitches stories from people and they sound so scary to see blood all over the place. That's smart for them to wrap them up so they stay calm. That was so sweet how she asked the Dr. to please stop doing that to her. Breaks your heart when your lil people are in pain and you can't do anything about it. Glad she's okay and all fixed up:)

Kelly said...

Poor Sarah. Traumatic incidents like that are never fun. p.s. I love that despite all the crazy of the day you still took pictures. You're awesome. p.p.s. I love your blog. It's so nice that I can come here and see what's going on with your family when I miss you. It makes you feel like you aren't so far away.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I'm so sorry! I'm glad she's doing okay now. That is so cute how she asked the doctor to please stop stitching her up. What a sweetheart. ;)

Camille said...

Poor thing, that's scary! Glad they stitched her up good and it wasn't worse. Head injuries are NO FUN and definitely bleed like crazy. We've only had one with Claire, and I hope to not have anymore ever.

Melissa said...

Oh poor little Sarah...what a trooper though. And what a trooper you were too! I'm telling you it is hard when it's your own child...even being a nurse I don't know how I'm going to hold myself together when El gets hurt. The first time she rolled off the bed I cried more than she did! So treat yourself too...maybe you want a zhu zhu pet ;-)