Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st Airplane ride!!

Well, life got pretty busy before the girls and I left for Utah, I think the "Mommy is Blitzed" meter reached full blown when we had to take Sarah to the ER two days before we left (which of course was the day I planned to get all of my procrastinated tasks done).  It wasn't anything too serious, Sarah just fell of the changing table and hit her head on the radiator. I almost didn't even go to the ER, but after all of my courses that included information on TBI, I didn't want to risk anything. So we took her in just to make sure we were good, and we were (three hours later...).

Anyway, on to the flight. I was SOOOO anxious to be flying by myself with a toddler and baby. It didn't help that a couple of weeks previous I heard on the news how a rambunctious two year old was kicked off of a flight for screaming and causing troubles... which sounded exactly like the kind of behavior Sarah is known to do when she is uncomfortable.

My good friend received some advice that she passed on to me that really saved me. She told me to buy little toys and treats and wrap them up individually, and when Sarah got bored to just hand her something. Not only was it fun for her to unwrap a present, but the surprise in side entertained her for a while as well. Highly recommend this. I don't know how I would have made it without it. About halfway into our FIVE hour flight to our layover in Las Vegas, Sarah started to get extremely cranky... and of course it was at the exact moment that Abby was getting fussy and hungry. Luckily a few presents later and a quick drink for Abby both the girls crashed on my lap. Sarah halfway woke up and slide out of her chair and rode for a good half hour like this...

All in all it was a great flight, a little bumpy but only enough to get Abby giggling (my little thrill seeker).

I sure was beat by the time I got to Utah, but so grateful to see my two amazing parents waiting for me. The best part of the day was watching little Sarah run halfway across the airport to jump into the arms of my mom!

I am a little sad that I wasn't a good little blogger and got more pictures during the day (like of Sarah putting together a 'Finding Nemo' puzzle in the Las Vegas airport, or of our outrageously over priced hot dog and pizza that we got... but taking pictures was pretty far in the back of my mind that day... I was lucky to get the one that I did.

*** I found this in my drafts file, I guess I forgot about it when I wrote the 1st Week of December post. I like this, so I went ahead and posted it... for memories sake, I like the way I said things in this one.


Gwendolyn said...

That's so cute she slept on the floor! You are a brave woman, I won't even take both my kids to the grocery store! Glad it worked out okay and I'm really glad we all got to visit (even if just for a short time). Love ya Liz!