Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Yes, yes... a gazillion pictures... but I promised, I narrowed it down from the pictures I love.
The Grandmas will at least love it, right?

Anyway... here we go.

Here is our little Christmas Spread this year.
Its kind of in a funny spot, but we thought it would be fun to watch the girls come down the stairs and have to run around the couch before they could see what Santa brought them.

Abby got Princess Aurora and a matching Dress for her to wear (I think she has pretty much worn it everyday since Christmas).

Sarah got a wooden block set and a Blue Knight and a Dragon.
She LOVED it!

We had a special treat this year. Grandma Lisa had to send her present to Sarah on Santa's sleigh because it was too big to mail. Sarah LOVES art, and was so excited to have an easel that is just like the one at her preschool.

Here is the standard sitting on the stairs picture. 

I love Sarah's "whoa" face in this picture. 

Abby immediately giggled upon seeing her new doll.

Sarah was so careful looking at her new knight and dragon toys...

of course Abby walked over to "help" and knocked down the whole set up.  
Luckily Sarah is a good big sister and didn't get upset with Abby. 

 Here is Sarah going through her stocking, and our elf Eubie was sitting and watching her the whole time... in a non-creepy sort of way. 

Abby was so happy with her new doll and dress. She danced and twirled. I love having a girly little princess! LOVE IT!

Santa also surprised Sarah with a yellow school bus that she asked for, where she got that from, I don't know. If you look close you can see the peg superheros that I painted for Sarah on the piano bench.

Here are the girls opening a little gift from each other.

Oh how I love these two girls!

We got lots of fun surprises, Sarah really loved this book about the birth of Jesus that was read by G'ma and G'pa Newey. She read the book several times (thank you!).
And no... we did not get another kitty... somehow I was crazy and agreed to watch our friend's cat at 39 weeks pregnant. Does not mesh well with the whole nesting phase, but its not forever.  

Sarah with her new Sewing Kit!
I was pretty excited to give this to her. She loves it!

This was just a funny picture of Abby. The glasses light up (as you can see on Sarah in the background) and the girls pretty much think they are the coolest ever!

We kind of rushed through our present time so that we could get ready for Church, then hurried home and got ready for a dinner with friends. 

It was so nice. I kind of felt bad because I was feeling really sore that day and walking and standing was really uncomfortable, so I wasn't much help in the kitchen... and all I contributed to the dinner was burnt rolls and cranberry relish. Luckily my two friends didn't make me feel guilty and were happy to provide a completely delicious Turkey and Ham Dinner. YUM!

Here is a shot of our little gang.
We also brought an older sister from the ward with us who didn't have any plans.

It was a wonderful Christmas. It was great spending time with wonderful friends so that we didn't have too much time to miss all of our loved ones that are so far away. 



Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

I totally thought you had another kitty from the pic so I am glad you clarified. Looks like so much fun (Christmas, not the kitty). I am confused about one thing though... didn't you make Abby and Aurora dress for Halloween?

Cami Bringhurst said...

Oh Liz, I have always been a fan of your blog, but really LOVE the fact that a picture popped up with my family in it!!!! So fun. I am so glad that you are there and that they have someone to spend the holidays with, since they can't be here with us!

Melissa said...

What a fun Christmas. I enjoyed looking at all the pics of Christmas eve and Christmas day. And I LOVE your Christmas box tradition. SO FUN!