Monday, January 23, 2012

Random unfinished post from December

Another post I never finished...*sigh* obviously I was distracted a bit.

I've been trying to teach Abby how to wink, she hasn't figured it out yet, but she has figured out what it means to wink. So lately, anytime I wink at her, she'll ask me to "help" her wink (which is just me pushing one of her eyelids closed for her). It is pretty cute. One day she'll be able to do it on her own and I'll miss her sweet request for help.

We finally got our Bassinet set up in our bedroom, and Sarah was admiring it as I was folding the baby's clothes. I asked her if she could picture baby brother laying in his lil' bed. She said she could so I asked her what she thought he'd look like...
Me: So Sarah, what do you think baby brother will look like?
Sarah: (pause) Mmmm... the Bishop.
Me: (Surprised) What?!! Why do you think he will look like the Bishop?
Sarah: Because he is going to be bald, silly Mommy!

This made me laugh so hard.

Now if the baby does come out looking like the Bishop we may be in a bit of trouble. ;) By the way, Sarah calls me Silly Mommy all of the time. Anytime I say something wrong or try to tease her, Sarah's eyes light up and giggles while calling me Silly Mommy.

We recently moved the bedrooms around a bit to get ready for baby. We have a three bedroom house, but one of the bedrooms is small... like 7'x9' with no closet... it pretty much is an oversized closet. But we decided we liked the idea of having the girls sleep in that room with no toys or distractions at bedtime. We have loved it, and the girls think it is pretty special to have a new room. Especially since it has been the room that all of our guests have stayed in previously. Sarah is constantly telling people about her new room. Her clothes are still in her old bedroom (now the toy room/guest room/eventual nursery) so sometimes I tell Sarah to go get dressed in her room, in which she giggles with delight thinking I'm teasing her and calling me out, "You mean the toy room, Silly Mommy!!!


Sabrina Gardner said...

Aren't you glad he has tons of hair? No mistakin' him for the bishop! :) Your pictures of him are so cute. I hope you're starting to feel better. :)