Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nesting with Grandmas

While both Roberta and my Mom were in town, my sewing machine was constantly out. They were so sweet to help out with some of my to-do's on my baby project lists.

Here is what we got done. 

Roberta helped me by whipping up several baby blankets for me. 
She made these three two sided flannel blankets.

This silky and flannel blanket (this flannel fabric I LOVE!)

She also helped me pick out the fabric and then sew up this lil' flannel quilt.
I cut it all out and layed out the squares and she sewed it up and made the binding and hand sewed it on for me (staying up until who knows how late the night before she flew out).

My mom also helped me out by making some blankets.

She sewed the binding on these snuggly-fleece blankets

She sewed flannel on some cloth diapers for burp clothes

Don't they look so cute with my new quilt?
She also made me a new boppy cover, which I LOVE!

I bought this fabric for a different project that I never ended up following through on, and I'm so glad, I love it! It is so fun to look at while nursing lil' Zak.
Doesn't it just make you smile? 

 My mom also helped me figure out how to make a little changing pad for a dresser we have in our living room. It was lots of fun to make.

Makes changing this lil' guy a little more pleasant.

I sure was grateful for all of the help getting TONS of my to-do projects crossed off the list.
Thank you, thank you Roberta and Mom for all of your help!
I promise next time you visit I won't handcuff you to my sewing machine again... 
unless you want me to. ;)


Brooke said...

Good heavens, woman!! When the grandmas come, you are supposed to REST. REST! Go get your nap on, okay? (*snaps fingers*)

Hester said...

WOW! these blankies, quilts, etc. are beautiful, they are even more beautiful than buying the same stuff at the stores.I can just imagine how much money you must have saved and at the same time having a lot of fun being creative. All your items are original and fun, I really love them.
I see that crocheting is very much in vogue again and I want to make some beautiful crocheted hats, frilly girly scarves and one color blankets in pastels of blue, pink and green.
It's just a pity my mom is too old to teach me how to crochet as her fingers are stiff and as her eyesight is not so good, she has to use a Tracfone SVC phone for seniors with bigger letters on the screen and larger keys ($15 for the phone and $7/month for service).
I've even seen sexy young men wearing crocheted hats and believe me I would be thrilled to get these items as a gift and all it costs is a ball of wool.
I think crocheting fills in your spare 20 or 30 minutes here and there and before you know it you've got something to be proud of.
I think your sewing is amazing, I wish I had friend like you who I could order some quilts from as they are soo expensive.