Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm a Princess

Oh my... we thought Sarah was a princess at this age, but she grew into superheros.

I'm not so sure our lil' Abby will do the same.

She ADORES anything princessy or girly.
She insists on wearing a skirt or dress everyday.
Once she is all girly-ed up she'll turn to me and with a big smile on her face beam,
"Look Mom! I'm a princess!"
Yes, Abby, yes you are a princess. And don't you forget it!

(love this cheesy grin)

If she spots her Sunday dresses (which of course are more frilly and girly) she'll throw a fit until we find something just as good or better (usually it ends up being dress up clothes tossed on top of her skirt and leggings). It is so different than Sarah. We've had to add quite a bit to her wardrobe just so she isn't wearing the same skirt day in and day out. (Thanks G'mas for helping with that!) 

I love it though. Makes life easy when you can just mention princess this or that to get Abby to cooperate, and she'll do just about anything, even put herself to bed.

It is a fun stage... and I kind of hope she doesn't grow out of it like Sarah did. 

Oh, and Mom... check out how cute these leggings are with this outfit you got.

Yes... she is standing on the table... we live on the dangerous side at our house.

I love you Princess Abby.


Deb said...

She's so cute. June's into that phase too - luckily without the skirts (we don't have many). Wish we could get them together and watch what they come up with.