Monday, January 23, 2012

Roberta's Visit (most of it)

I didn't really edit any of these pictures, so the coloring doesn't match... if I worried about it, then I'd never get caught up from the past weeks... so pretend like they all look perfect and match in their coloring. :D

The day before Roberta flew in to town I had a doctor's appointment and learned that the earliest the midwives would induce me was January 9th... and Roberta was only going to be in town until the 10th... so, she sweetly changed her flight plans and stayed until the 13th so I would have help when I got home from the hospital. Help that I was VERY grateful for. 

So... most of Roberta's visit I was still pregnant and we just went about doing our day to day tasks... with a rather large and slow moving hostess waddling around the house. 

We picked up Sarah from preschool and went a little early so that we could watch Sarah from the observation room for a bit.
Abby entertained herself with puzzles on my iPod. 

Sarah listening to Mrs. Smith reading a story.

We had a lot of lazy days. Friday we had a pajama day and all stayed in our jammies the whole day... well at least the girls and I did. I was kind of a killjoy because I really wanted to have this baby by Friday... but no. 

Here are the girls "cleaning" the windows with baby wipes... you can imagine how clean they got.

Roberta brought Michelle's wedding video, so we watched it, along with our own (see evidence on tv screen). Afterward Abby and Sarah pranced around while Ryan played songs on his guitar.

Sarah also got really serious and put on her superhero attire... spiderman glasses, gloves and a scarf. Doesn't she look like she could take on the world?

We of course had to take some silly pictures with the camera.

What is sillier than sticking out your tongue?

We had a little warm spell in the weather and Roberta was wonderful to take the girls out for long walks so the waddle queen could take a nap and relax.

Still able to find dandelion heads in January.

I also had fun playing with Roberta's camera... here are some fun shots I got. 

I LOVE this little look of Abby's.

Laughing with G'ma Berta.

So cute!

Roberta brought a little bouquet for Abby... she of course adored it.

My brown-eyed girl.

My two silly monkeys. 

Ry and Abby. I love Ryan's I'm-only-humoring-you-Liz facial expression.

We made sure to hit up Eat'n Park and get some smiley cookies (saved a few to celebrate baby brother's birthday).


Sunday was sort of depressing because EVERYONE in the ward stated the obvious.
"Haven't you had that baby yet Liz?"
"LIZ!!! I can't believe you're still pregnant!"
"I bet you are so ready to have that baby?"
I love everyone in the ward, but I just wanted to post a sign on my forehead saying something like, 
"Yes, I'm still pregnant...surprise, surprise!"
I know everyone was just showing their love by inquiring about me, but still, it was a hard day.

So, to help out, I was ordered to the couch to take a nap while Roberta made rolls with the girls.
 They LOVED it! 

Ta-da! What a masterpiece!

 Sarah even convinced Roberta into playing Guess Who with her.

And we convinced her to play Dominion with us after the lil' tikes were in bed.

It was such a great help to have Roberta here. I was exhausted and she did so many little things (probably more than I know about) that helped with those nesting urges. Things like washing and pressing my curtains, vacuuming out/under the couch (which I'm sure was disgusting), organizing cupboards, mopping the floors, stocking my freezer with meals, and sewing... lots and lots of sewing (more on that later).

Thank you so much Roberta! We love and appreciate ALL that you did (especially loving on the girls while their parents were distracted/exhausted/recuperating. 

The rest of Roberta's visit was after the baby was born and will be included in later posts. 


Deb said...

She is so cute, I'm so glad you had her there to keep you company and help out. I'm excited to read about your mom's visit.