Sunday, January 29, 2012

Night Owl

We have a little night owl on our hands. 
Every night, some time between 10pm and Midnight, the little Zakster will wake up...

A hungry little monster... and then after he is fed.

becomes quite content to sit and hang out for an hour or so.

It is his best happy and awake time during the day... er, um... night.

It makes it impossible to put him down and go to bed myself.

How can you with those chubby cheeks and bright eyes begging to be loved?

Arouses several silly faces... and ridiculous behaviors from mom and dad.

Love my little night owl.

Wish I could blame is on his father... but we all know where this trait comes from.


Ashley said...

He is so darling Liz. And you look beautiful! I don't blame you one bit.

Anonymous said...

He is seriously adorable Liz! I really wish you lived here so I could come get my baby fix. Even my mom is in love with this lil guy. Your a lucky gal and he's a lucky guy to have you as his mama

Anonymous said...

Oh that's ash Roberts and her phone btw :)

Brittany said...

You look gorgeous! How in the world do you do it? When I have a baby, I can barely take care of them, let alone get ready myself! He sure is cute too!

Deb said...

What a little cutie pie! That was Emmy just a few months ago...waking up from about 10 to midnight too. I'm glad that's over. My doctor talked some sense into me and told me to start doing a strict bed time routine (plus I think she just grew out of it) and now she sleeps from 7:30 till whenever. He'll grow out of it soon, but I guess enjoy the snuggle time while it lasts. :) (Not that I really need to tell you all this, since you have more kids than I do...just sometimes we forget I guess.)

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Yes, we know where he got that from! He was probably awake with you when you were up doing your projects (when you were still preggers) and now how could he possibly sleep at that time? :)