Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve

I hope my girls don't remember how lame our Christmas Eve really was this year. I think a majority of the day was filled with cleaning and preparing for baby brother's arrival, one of Ryan's sweet gifts to me this year (and really, was better than any tangible gift he could have given me). 

So as the day went on (and I needed a break) Sarah and I finally got around to making THIS nativity that I saw on pinterest ages ago. I actually had to keep waiting until I had enough toilet paper rolls to make it (which wasn't too long with how often we've been changing out rolls lately).

I guess I haven't really had Sarah do coloring pages, because I am so impressed with how well she is able to stay in the lines. Lately I just give her a blank page and she goes to town, but it was really fun to color these with her and see how focused and well she did coloring them.
 She really is becoming quite the little artist! I love it!

Here she is showing off our work. She did really well.

A better shot of the Nativity.
And no, that is not blood around Baby Jesus' head, it is his "halo" (it was a printable from a Catholic webpage). Sarah was determined that it should be red.

Later that evening we went to a friend's house for dinner. There were three families there and it was so nice, the kids ate for about 5 minutes and then all ran off to play. So the adults were able to sit and chat and enjoy some good conversation and fun.
Here are the cute kiddos that were there! 

We then headed home to start on our family Christmas Eve traditions. 
Here is Ryan reminding the girls about what the Christmas box is.

Posed "cheese" picture with the Christmas box.

Everyone got to help open the box this year.

Inside our Christmas box we have memories from previous years, candles that we light to read the Christmas story by, a cookie plate for Santa and other various things. 

Ryan then began to tell the story of the Savior's birth from the bible.

Sarah did a great job listening...

Abby just wanted to turn the pages of mommy's scriptures.

We took a little break to open some presents via webcam with cousins and participate in a little bit of the Stephenson Christmas Eve traditions. 

Then the girls zipped up in their new snuggly Christmas jammies and set out some cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. 

It was so fun to have both girls so excited for Christmas.
I love Christmas Eve, I think I may like it even more that Christmas day. I have so many sweet, tender memories of Christmas Eves with my family, and Ryan's family does just as much too. It really is a chance to focus on the Savior before all the commotion of present opening begins. 

Thanks for a beautiful Christmas my sweet lil' family.


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Those are some fun traditions. My family doesn't do anything on Christmas Eve. Aden and I were talking about what we want to have as our own family traditions and these are some good ideas.