Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lately Abby and I like to play a little game with each other where she makes a face and I copy her. I tried to get her to make some of the faces she does, but as soon as I poked my head behind the camera to capture it she would stop.

Getting ready for mommy to play along... oh how I love those big blue eyes.

This is her "sad" face.
 Looks more like a scuz, but she always says "sad" in a little sad whiny voice, so I know that is the look she is going for.



I had several unsuccessful attempts to get her angry face... it is so cute. Oh well... I'm sure I will get it eventually... maybe not when we're playing this game.
Of course Sarah has always been good at making faces... especially ones that make me laugh!

Oh how I love this goofy lil' girl!