Friday, December 9, 2011

Randomness Related to Pregnancy

I've been meaning to for a while post some stories, thoughts and feelings from the pregnancy. It seems as though blogging has taken a major fall back on my list of things to get done regularly. Which to the grandma's... I apologize.

So, while I have a minute to myself (both of my girls are napping *gasp*) and for some reason I can't turn off my brain to join them, I figured I'd blog it out...

This is the first pregnancy where I got really sick all of the time. I'm not one who vomits easily, so it was mostly nausea combined with my regular migraine symptoms.
When I did feel up to eating... it was usually for something spicy... like pepperoni's.
It was always late at night too, but when you haven't eaten all day, and something finally sounds good, your go for it.

Then we went into the popsicle phase. I could eat popsicles all day. So yummy. Now the cravings have moved to Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream... and has pretty much stayed there.
Since I don't think I really have it written down anywhere, I thought I'd just recall quickly what I craved with the girls. With Sarah the biggest thing I wanted all of the time was Apple Juice... which is probably why I gained so much weight... all of those calories and didn't fill me up. I also remember really loving Bit O' Honey and Swedish Fish. As for Abigail... the only thing I can really remember craving all of the time was meat. Big juicy steaks, hamburgers... you name the meat and I'd want it. Mostly steaks, but I thought it was so weird that I wanted meat so much. I think we went out to Golden Coral several times during that pregnancy to have their rotisserie chicken.

Okay... onto some more pregnancy randomness.

I am really not too much of a complainer (well to everyone but Ryan, sorry love). So I don't usually let on how much pain I've been having in this pregnancy. I've had tenderness with my ligaments connecting my legs to my hips with all pregnancies, but it hit a lot earlier with this pregnancy. I've also had a huge amount of lower back pain. I can't unload the dishwasher with out my back aching before I'm done. Also, having a breech baby I think has made a big difference. Since this lil' guy's head is up in my ribs I have had a hard time breathing when I lay down. It also seems more uncomfortable then I remember to bend over and pick things up off the floor. So Ryan usually gets an ear full of what is hurting every minute of the day, but to anyone else who asks..."I'm doing great!"

To go along with my discomfort. This morning actually I was walking from the girls room to go lay back down for a minute and Sarah sweetly asked me,
"Mommy, why are you doing the potty dance?"
(slightly confused) "Um, I'm not, I'm going back into my room."
"Well, then how come you are waddling like a penguin?"
Gee... thanks Sarah...

I've had a really hard time with names this pregnancy. I think we've settled on one, but it really hasn't clicked for me. I agree that we will name him this name, but I guess this whole pregnancy has been so surreal... and gone so quickly that I don't ever give myself time to think about it. So we've been testing out a name... it still feels weird to call him by it... but I figure it is the only way it will sink in. So I've been asking the girls frequently what baby brother's name is. Here is what happened with Abby the other evening.
Me: Abby, where's baby brother?
Abby: Wight dere! (Right there).
Me: That's right. Abby, what is baby brother's name?
Abby: JESUS!!

I still wonder if Abby really understands what is coming to her. She has been so snuggly and clingy lately, her world is going to be completely rocked when she loses a little bit of that mommy attention with baby brother. Sarah has been excited since they day we told her. As I've written previously, she would tell complete strangers how I have a baby in my tummy. She still will randomly tell people about her baby brother that is coming after Christmas. To Sarah... the next scheduled events are, Christmas, New Years, Baby Brother comes, G'ma visits and then her birthday. Hope she realizes that this is two full months that we're talking about... I worry she thinks they will be one right after the other.

All in all, I do feel very blessed with this pregnancy. I really can't complain, there are so many that have much tougher pregnancies than me... or that even struggle to get pregnant.
The timing was a surprise, but is turning out to be perfect. I'll get a good 5-6 months of help from Ryan before he starts his 3rd year med school duties. Where as we were planning on shooting for May, and I would have maybe gotten two months. Glad I'm not in charge of the big picture.

Well... that is it. Still not tired... so maybe we can get some pictures on here for the G'mas. 


Karla said...

I actually love hearing about pregnancies. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like everything is working out well, momma penguin. :) I hope your pain goes away for awhile so you can rest.

Camille said...

I love all your updates, but just had to comment on this one because I can relate SO MUCH! I have had that same pain in the hips/ligaments with all my pregnancies, but for some reason this one has been so much worse! And it started WAY earlier this time for me as well. I actually have started taking Tylenol at least a few nights a week just to take the edge off to hopefully get some sleep. The good thing is we don't have much longer, then we may be sleep deprived but at least not in pain...right?? Hang in there!

Deb said...

I'm glad it's going well other than the pain youre having. I bet Abby will become much more independent once the baby comes, at least that's what happened with June. I still feel weird calling Emmy her name sometimes. Not sure why, her name just hasn't quite sunk in yet...after 3 1/2 months! I'm glad Sarah is excited, she's going to be a great big sister (again)!