Monday, December 12, 2011

Good News!

Our Lil' Fella FLIPPED!
He has been breech this ENTIRE pregnancy and now he is finally head down and ready to go...
all except the fact that he is HUGE! Oh boy, I'm in trouble.

The past couple of weeks have been anxiety filled for me. If this lil' guy remained breech then it was a guaranteed cesarian delivery. Which I know isn't the end of the world... but I was nervous and not looking forward to the extra recovery time (especially being so far away from family).

There is still the possibility of needed a c-section. This fella is measuring HUGE! I'm 37 weeks and he measures at 9lbs and 15oz. It isn't accurate, so he could really be anywhere between 7lbs 15oz and 10lbs 15oz... but still... I have at least three more weeks... and if he is already 8lbs, I'm in trouble!
We'll see what they say at my next appointment.
I see a group of midwives (that are very popular, and close) and they are not into inducing women. But I figure, if I'm headed toward a c-section... might as well try inducing me early, see if he will come out while he is "smaller." We'll see what they say about my next appointment!

But for now I get to stare at this cute lil' guys face until I meet him in person.
(technology is amazing!)


Jennifer said...

He is SO cute, Liz!!!

Melissa said...

Oh I hope he stays filpped for you. If he turns again do some yoga...the down ward dog pose is what got my niece to flip. Hopefuly they'll induce you so you can have him vaginally.

Julia said...

Wow. He looks just like your girls. :-)

Karla said...

Usually those 3D ones look creepy, but he looks pretty cute. Just think how wonderful he'll actually look. Not too much longer, right?

Brittany said...

I have never seen such a clear ultrasound of the face. Again, all I see is Abby! Those cheeks already look so kissable! Hope you're hanging in there ok. Such a relief that he turned.

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Well, if he does turn out to be that big maybe you'll be begging for that c-section! I probably shouldn't say this but the first day or two after my c-section were very painful-- although they were a little more rough with me given the circumstances. But after about 5 days I felt like a new woman. Hopefully your recovery will be quick if you do have a c-section.