Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Mint Gum

Well, I just had to write something to get a new post up... the last one was too depressing and so not me. ;) So, I'm going to share a story...that is probably too much information. 

We have a junk drawer in our kitchen, and in that drawer Ryan and I keep packages of gum so we can grab some on the way out the door. Well, Abby hasn't been able to get into it... until recently. Abby LOVES my sweet mint Orbitz gum, and why wouldn't she, it is good! If she ever gets to my purse, or climbs into the car before me, the first thing she riffles for is my gum and gobbles up as many pieces as she can before we catch her (she just chews it a little and swallows it). 

Well... she had started to get into the gum in the junk drawer, and I should have moved it after the first couple of episodes... but I was lazy and she only ever ate a piece or two. The other morning Ryan and I were "sleeping in" and the informant came upstairs to announce that Abby was eating all the gum. So, I finally willed myself out of bed and came down to the kitchen to find Abby with a pile of gum wrappers EVERYWHERE! The lil' stinker ate an entire box... or more!

The whole rest of the day Abby had sweet minty breath. It made me laugh anytime she came and got in my face to tell me something. Well... the fun continued... because later that evening I smelt the mint smell again... rather strong. Only, this time it had a slightly unpleasant aroma with it. Well... you guessed it. She filled her diaper, and it was minty poo! Made me laugh so hard. So, for any of you who believe that it takes 7 years... we can happily say that it does not. :)

Oh, and I apologize if that thoroughly grossed anyone out... I thought it was funny.


Aden and Jamie said...

"Sleeping in" huh? Is that why you put it in quotations? wink wink. Just kidding! Or am I?

Lizzie said...

Lol! It didn't even think of that! No, I put it in quotations because 7-8am in the morning isn't MY idea of sleeping in. I'd would have rather it be 9-10am.

Where is your mind Jamis? Just kidding. ;)

Sarah J. said...

Oh my heck that is so funny! I am laughing out loud! You can tell this ol' nurse as many poop stories as you want...they're my favorite!

Carolanne said...

LOL! That's one way to make diaper changes more pleasant! And I'm relieved to know it doesn't take seven years. Hilarious :)