Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gabby Abby

Abby has been slightly slower to get moving in her speech. Sarah was slower too... so I wasn't really worried. I know enough to be able to keep on top of how delayed she is and when to be concerned. She is really starting to be quite the talker. What she says often surprises us.

I love how you realize things that you say all of the time because you start to hear them back from your kids. Apparently I tell Abby, "I love it" a great deal because she has started telling it to me all. of. the. time.
Getting dressed for church, "I love your dress mommy."
Waking up in the morning, with my hair literally sticking straight up, "I love your hair."
After drawing a requested princess stick figure, "I love your picture."
I wish I could get the inflection on here... it is so cute, and so hard to catch spontaneously on film.
Guess if you want to hear it, you'll have to come visit. :D

Our whole family has been coughing up a storm. I think we should start a coughing chorus or something... make a little extra moolah for the holidays. Abby has had it the longest and worst... or so it feels. She has started coughing so hard that I've run to get the throw-up bucket because I thought she was going to lose it. Well, Ryan was coughing once and Abby, with her little vocabulary that is getting bigger and bigger each day, ran over to him...
"You coughing Daddy?"
"Going to throw up?"
Apparently I made an impact with how many times I asked her that same question in the middle of her big coughing spells.

Abby knows change is a coming. She has become ultra clingy. If ever I run Sarah to preschool in the morning and leave her with Ryan it is set up for disaster for the rest of the day. Won't let me leave a room with out panicking and crying. She has also become quite the snuggler. One of my favorite things is to hear her sweetly ask for me to snuggle in bed with her at nap time or bedtime. It is really hard to say no, and most of the time I don't. But as of late, it is crunch time for Christmas and baby, and I know I'll fall asleep with her if I lay down, so I have to resist the temptation to give in.

We have a bunch of goofballs in our house, and I point it out often so Abby's favorite lil' game is to go through and talk about all of the family members.
"Silly Abby! Silly Mommy! Silly Sarah! Silly Daddy! Silly Baby Brother!"
She just giggles with delight thinking she is the funniest girl alive. I LOVE it!

It is so fun to hear Abby say all of these random phrases that she has picked up. Can't wait to share more and more Gabby Abby moments.


Nate and Sarah said...

That is so funny about the coughing comment! It really is humbling how much they pick up from us! Abby is such a doll. I literally just stare at your girls in church. They are so so adorable!

Deb said...

Awe I love that girl. I wish I could get her and June together and listen to their little voices talk to eachother. Love the pictures too, they are BEAUTIFUL girls!

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

That is good your girls are learning positive sayings from you--- "I love it." She seems like such a sweet little girl. It makes me want to be really careful and positive in what I say around the girls.