Monday, January 30, 2012

Snug as a Bug

Yes, yes... I know.
My posts filled with an overabundance of the Zakster may be too much.
But, I'm pretty sure the grandma's don't mind... so for the rest of you, sorry.
This is another post of {probably} too many pictures.

I just love watching this lil' fella.

It is amazing how time just flies when you sit and watch them sleep.

I love looking at every tiny, little feature he has.

Especially that little nose.

Sure is inviting for the sisters to snuggle with him.

Even Abby wanted in on this snuggle session.

Awe... teeny little yawn.

This picture made me laugh.

It is so funny to me how different newborns look in every picture you take.
It seems as though their little faces completely morph with every click of the camera.

Anyway. I love it. Can't wait to start capturing little smiles, that is just the best.
Well, off to snuggle my new little bug.


Eric and Shelene said...

Cute little guy! I like that last photo. He's either contemplating a deep thought or is about to let one rip. Congrats.

Deb said...

He's so cute. I think he looks a lot like Sarah in these photos. I'm excited to watch him grow up and see what a cute little boy (and big boy and man) he will turn into!