Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting the big sisters.

So while I was laboring away... here is what the big sisters to be were doing.

 Yes we had some 50º+ degree weather... it was sunny and beautiful, so they played outside in our lil' sandpit. What fun, huh?
 "Can I get a refill G'ma?"

"Why can't we do this every day?"

The girls opening their surprise hospital bags.

Sarah was pretty excited about her new buzz lightyear. 

Abby was excited about her diaper kit for her baby dolls.

I LOVE this picture of Zak looking at his daddy.

Sarah loving on Zak.

Abby kissing her new baby brother.

Check out these rosy cheeks. My kids (and myself) get really rosy cheeks when we are tired, it was a little on the late side by the time they were able come visit us... it was interesting dealing with two rather tired new big sisters.

Meeting G'ma Berta

Mommy and Zak.

This is my "I'm tired, just had a baby and don't want to really take a picture face"
(But yes, Roberta, I am glad that you took it)

Oh, so new and snuggly.

This picture makes me think of my newborn picture... I need to figure out a way to get it on here so everyone can compare.

Watch out Zak, you have two VERY excited big sisters that love to hold and smother snuggle you any chance they can. So happy that you are in our lil' family!