Friday, November 12, 2010


{Sort of}

A week or so ago I looked at the course map for the half marathon I was training for. I've fallen off my running schedule with this past cold I caught (and the cold/dark mornings haven't helped either), but I figured if the course was relatively flat I could push through it. 


Its NOT!! It is almost the opposite of flat. There are hills throughout the ENTIRE course and the worst one (a 5% increase) is in the last mile of the course. Are you kidding me? Who mapped that thing? 

So I decided that I'm not going to run it 
(for that reason and a couple of other valid ones). 

I'm a little bummed. I shouldn't be, my main goal is to just get into better shape and be healthy, but my darn pessimism is getting the best of me. Aside from feeling that I'm a quitter, I've had thoughts like this, "Well if you're not going to run that race Liz, you don't need to get up and run." See, I'm terrible. I need to have something I'm working toward to keep me motivated (and sadly, just losing weight hasn't been enough of a motivator)

I am still planning on running the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 15th, and my hard core training for that can start no later than the last week in January. So in the meantime I'm going to try and run 2-3 times a week and do strength training the other days... and not hate myself when I miss a workout. *sigh*

I'm struggling though. I just need a second wind. I know I can do it, and that I will run the marathon in May, but right now I'm just feeling a little disappointed in my lack of determination. Need to change my attitude. 

I can do this! I'm making huge leaps and bounds in my health. 
I'm amazing. Fantastic!
I am woman - hear me ROAR! 
(bit much?)


mom said...

Is there a different half-marathon in the area that you could try for? I think you are doing amazing things, super woman!
love you.

Deb said...

You are super woman! Since I have been sick I have stopped working out. I blame it entirely on the cold weather. Who wants to go out in the cold and the dark and exercise? (And risk getting sick again?) NOT ME! Anyway, don't push yourself too hard, but at the same time I think you are a amazing and I know you can do it!!

Ali or Mike said...

I wish that we lived closer to each other so we could train together. It's always easier to work out with someone rather then doing it alone. And I would totally boost your confidence because I'm a horrible runner. Where do you run. Maybe we should run together.

Adrian said...

I can relate. I am likely going to run 3 Ragnar relays in 2011 and need to be training. I did really good last week but this week have fallen off the wagon (Monday was snow, blah!; Wednesday was super busy; Today I feel sick because of my immunization yesterday).

Keep working towards your goal and way to go thus far.

Momma Twitch said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! The trick is to make it fun. When it's not fun it's hard to get out and get it done.

I'm proud of you!! Just keep on keeping on. You're doing great!! While I was training I would always tell myself that there's a difference between falling off the wagon and getting run over by it, I don't think you've gotten run over...just climb back on that baby!

What training schedule are you following?

Brooke said...

GO LIZ GO! Although just the *idea* of doing any running at all is enough to make me wanna hurl. Time to go eat more doughnu--- I mean, healthy nutritious spinach bars. Totally.

Brittany said...

You ARE super woman! I think you're awesome for how diligent you are. You still have an end goal in mind to work toward, and no matter what, I think you're pretty awesome.