Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 9

It was a gorgeous day today! So I can't help but be grateful for anything other than the 
Thank you, thank you Mr. Sun for visiting us. :) After "Snowmageddon" last year I am really not looking forward to the gloomy winter months. I love the sun, and it is not fun to have it hiding behind so many clouds in the winter out here. So I am very, very grateful for the sunshine I get each day and will try to go out and savor all of the sunny days we have left.

I love Sunshine!

PS - I was thinking of my post about being thankful for technology... and this popped in my head. 
Hope it makes you laugh too (oh, and I don't know what is up with the green bar on the video).


Sara Lou said...

Hi Liz! I hope you don't mind but I was on Tiffany's blog and saw yours and block stocked you! What a cute blog and amen to the sunshine! I'm already getting antsy for the spring warmth and color! Bob was just telling me that Ryan tells him you are totally into freecycle and free stuff off craigslist! That is soo up my ally, you should tell me all about it! Well, see you later!
p.s. we need to get together for FHE/home teaching sometime soon.
-Sara Rich

Sara Lou said...

Whoops, I meant to say BLOG stocked you. The end.

Liz said...

WE do need to get together. It seems like life has been so hectic lately. But anytime you want to hang let me know. I've been getting into a little bit of trouble with Ryan with all of the stuff I've brought into our house lately... but I do love free stuff! :) I'm glad you found me... do you have a blog too? I too love to stalk blogs!

Gwendolyn said...

Me too!! I miss sunshine!