Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 13

I am grateful for Relief Society.

I didn't always have an appreciation for the program, I actually used to get quite bored in Relief Society and opt out of activities. But right now I am working in the Nursery and am unable to attend Relief Society on Sundays. I guess I am feeling especially grateful for Relief Society because I know how much I need it (and you don't really appreciate something until you have to go with out it, right?). I was able to attend a couple of weeks ago and I was an emotional blob. It had been a while since I had felt the spirit and that sisterly love so strong and I needed that strength. I love the nursery, I really do, but there is nothing like being in a room full of spiritual giants and feeling of their spirits, love and learning from their examples. 

I'm grateful for Joseph Smith and the divine revelation he received to create this program, and for those early women who pioneered it and created a firm foundation for it to be built upon. I am also grateful for our Prophet, President Monson who shows his support and continues to receive revelation for this program.

I hope that everyone embraces each opportunity to attend these prayerfully planned activities and rejoices in the spirit that can be felt at them. I know that I have so much growth to make spiritually and I know that participating in the Relief Society program helps me to do so. 

Thank you, thank you dear sisters.


Deb said...

Its funny... (I forgot you were in nursery) I was going to say in my post today that I would think it would be so hard to be a nursery leader - just going to church and taking care of other people's kids and missing out on the meetings. So I admire you, sorry you don't get to make it to Relief Society that often, I use to not like it too, but lately it's been just what I've needed.

Ash said...

Good post! I'm really lovin RS right now. Especially cause every fast Sunday I've been getting up and crying my eyes out with my testimonny and these poor ladies have to sit there and listen. They're troopers and soooo good to me! They always give me hugs after. :) RS is the best for a feel good lift! Hope ya get to go back soon.