Saturday, November 13, 2010

Berta's Visit

We had such a fun time with you Roberta!

The girls love having someone new to play with (and I am always grateful when someone else is around to distract them)

We were all pretty much starved after Roberta's flight got in, so we headed to a nearby mall to grab some grub and let the girls run around. They were in heaven.
Not that you can really tell by the pictures. 

On Saturday morning Roberta was a trooper and went for a jog with me... although I was going slow enough that she could speed walk and keep up with me. It felt nice to get out and run, especially after being sick and missing quite a few runs. 

We decided to spend that afternoon at the Carnegie Science Center.  

We of course had to play over at the Sports Works center so Sarah could be a Human Yo-yo again, and try out some of the other activities. 

Getting ready to jump on the trampoline

Abby thought the Trampoline looked pretty fun

There she goes! Jumping so high
After Sarah's turn was up (they had a timer) Roberta asked if she could hop on and show Sarah what it was like to flip over (which was sneaky because it gave Sarah like an extra 30 seconds of trampoline time...sly, hehehe). Sarah loved it.

Sarah racing... she blew the other little girl out of the water. 

Sarah making us all dizzy. 

There is a submarine in the river next to the Science Center that you can go in and tour. It was pretty cool, but the oily machine smell was overwhelming and sort of made me sick to my stomach. Blech! 

It was one exciting sub to tour. 

Sarah was a little nervous to go in, but she ended up going through it twice, and wanted to go again!

Abby loved being able to see the water. 

I love this pictures... Abby's smile is the best. 

We headed over to the main part of the Science Center to check out some more stuff for a little bit. 
 We were beat, or at least I was, so after the Science Center Roberta treated us to our favorite pizza place, Rialtos and we got their classic Steak Ranch Pizza. 
Honestly, after watching Biggest Loser this season, I felt really guilty eating this thing... I mean it has fries right on the pizza... but is was sooooo good. 

Sunday was a great day. Nursery was awesome (that is where I'm at) and Ryan even got to enjoy Priesthood because Berta volunteered to chase this little one all over the building. 
She is becoming quite the little busy body. I can't believe how much this girl loves to CLIMB! You can see in this picture how she is making her way onto the table.  

Berta taught Sarah how to play memory while I finished making dinner (Chicken Curry, YUM!)
After the girls were in bed we had fun chatting and playing scrabble. I really love that game. Sometimes I rock and others, not so much, but it is fun to play a game and pretend to be smart and a good speller. 

On Monday, Sarah was SO excited to take Berta to gymnastics and introduce her to Ms. Beth, Ryan even got to come along and watch her class for the first time too. 
Afterward, Abby and Ryan headed home for nap/study time while Sarah, Roberta and I head out to run some errands. It was a fun day, and it was nice for Sarah to have all of the attention to herself. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we had to go on a walk around the neighborhood. 
Abby is quite the little cruiser, it was almost impossible to get any pictures of her. 

Not from a lack of trying though...

Sarah on the other hand loved showing all of her favorite things about walks.
Like climbing on walls and making wishes with dandelions 

We did get a couple of cute ones though. 

I just love the look on Ryan's face in this one. 

Later that night Ryan and I were able to go on a date while the girls had a fun night playing with Berta.
Looks like they had lots of fun, especially with the balloon party they threw. 

Abby thought it was cool that the balloons stuck to her. 

So did Sarah. 

I almost felt bad having Sarah go to preschool on Roberta's last day in town.
I hope it was fun to see how excited she was to go to preschool and meet a few of her classmates.

Thanks for the visit. It was so nice to have company and a reason to clean the house. We miss you so much already, and I know the girls miss the added attention (and I definitely miss them being distracted).
Please come again soon!

Well... we don't have any more visitors planned for the rest of the year, but we've begun taking reservations for 2011. So get our your calendars and plan a trip to come and see us in Pittsburgh!


Deb said...

Way cute pictures! I love the double chin on Sarah (in one of the middle pictures) so cute! I love the one of Abby hanging over the edge of the submarine too. I'm so excited to get our girls together in December! June is going to go crazy with excitement! She was chasing her other little red headed cousin around the other day and it made me get excited for her to play with Abby!

Ash said...

Hmmmm.... so day 12 and 13 are Marathons and Berta visits? WHERES THE PLEDGE ELIZABETH!!!
I love that pic of Ryan and Berta jumping. I can never get those kinds of pics to look right. :( Pitts has gotta be the best place to live when ya have kids. Wish I had the money to come for a visit. :(