Saturday, November 20, 2010

Princess Tea Party

I needed something to look forward to, so what better thing to get excited about than a Princess Tea Party for 8 lil' girls. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. It has been a while since I was so excited for a Thursday to roll around. 

I have a darling little china tea set from when I was a little girl, but a few of the cups have been broken and glued back together, so out of the set of six, I think I only have about 3-4 that are really usable anymore. On a little thrift store trip I scored this china set that had Eight place settings {perfect}. It didn't have the tea pot, and was missing one saucer, but other that that, it was an amazing find! It even had a nice serving bowl and platter. It was perfect for hosting a tea party. The best part was, it was only six bucks, so I won't care if anything happens to it. 

 All set up and ready for the Princesses to arrive.
We did lunch so the girls had piggies in a blanket and grapes with these lovely deserts. 
Yum! Yum!

I let Sarah pick out her own costume... and what did she pick? 
The too-big-for-her Snow White costume.
She still looked cute of course,
but she was tripping over her skirt the whole time. 
Silly girl. 

Here are the girls. They are so excited to get this party started... they weren't too excited about me taking pictures though. 
I was a little distracted handing out food, filling up tea cups with hot cocoa and everything to get any real cute pictures... I should have asked someone to come and do pictures. 
While the girls were eating we talked about etiquette, how to make polite princess conversation (ya know, about the weather, how our gardens were, our horses), and other princess-y stuff. 

When the girls had their fill of goodies we had a special treat. 
I probably shouldn't have prefaced it like this... but I told them we were going to do something special that their parents wouldn't want them to... and I brought in a...
mattress for them to jump on. 
They loved it! We took turns letting two princesses jump at a time for 10 seconds. 
So much fun!
Hopefully it burned a little of their energy out. 

We played with my animal egg shakers and danced around for a bit, and then we made some crowns for them to take home. 

Here are my lil' princesses.
I love this last picture. So cute!

I had so much fun with these little girls. I'm glad their moms let me kidnap them for a couple of hours and have some fun. I'm really thinking about making this a monthly thing, I had so much fun. 

Thank you my lil' princesses for bringing a little sunshine into my day.


Sharcy and Jeremiah said...

Liz this makes me even that much more excited to finally have a little girl... not sure how well I'll do with the hostessing part, but hey I can learn from you :) and FYI my other blog address is no longer in existance, not sure what happened so here's the new address...

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a cute idea, I love it! I'm sure the girls had such a great time!

Deb said...

Holy cow! What a cute idea! You are the best mom in the world. Where did you find all these little girls? That mattress thing is funny. Can we have a princess tea party when you come out in December?

Liz said...

Those girls are all in our ward (the perks to having 20+ nursery kids). We should definitely have a tea party... well I guess we kind of are at the Grand America... but I'd love to do another one, even if it is just June, Sarah and Abby, it would be fun. :)

Ash said...

Liz you are seriously and amazing mama!
Ps. Next time Ill try milk chocolate for the wands they just didnt taste right. Thanks again for your help on them.:)

Brittany said...

And you made them all crowns!? When do you sleep? That tea party looks amazing, with delicious desserts too. Way to go!