Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 11


They are so sweet and delicious this time of year (and I'm loving the $.99/lb price)

We've gone through bag after bag. I'm grateful for a yummy treat that doesn't make me feel like I've jumped off the deep end in my diet. :)

Thank you mother nature for making them so scrumptious this time of year!
(and giving me something other than chocolate to be grateful for)

PS - Oh, and our GI tract thanks you too... it is running smoother than ever. TMI? Sorry.


Ashley Bennion said...

frozen grapes always remind me of you and USU - :) fun times!

Brittany said...

Ha ha Liz! I know, the y are a great way to stay on track. I've been hiding the Halloween candy from myself and trying to go for grapes instead. I found that sugar free jello is a good substitute too! :)s