Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 20


We just finished a movie night with the girls and I just love movie nights. They are so much fun! I am so grateful for Redbox and Netflix (instant on the Wii) for making movie watching so cheap and easy. I just love it. Some of my favorite family memories involve movies. We are a bunch of movie-enthusiasts. I don't think we have ever spent time together where at least one movie quote didn't come into the conversation (maybe that is just typical of all families). I love that we are a bunch of nerds. Makes life fun. 

So thank you film makers. You rock. Especially when you provide good clean movies for me to enjoy with my family (shout out to Pixar and Dreamworks). I'm pretty sure that my life would be pretty dull without movies... is that so sad to admit? What can I say, I enjoy relaxing, cuddling with my hubby and giggling with my girls to a good show. :)

PS - I'm also grateful for the sanity that movies provide me on long car rides and errand running days. Thank you, thank you!


Deb said...

No, not all families blurt out random movie quotes...only the cool ones.