Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Sarah Speech

Sarah: Daddy! We went to the store and got M&M cookies!
Me: Shhh... you weren't supposed to tell!
Sarah: Oh
Ryan: Sarah, did you tell me a secret?
Sarah: Nope, Mommy did!

Sarah: "Can I have Hot Dogs AND Cheese-a-roni with Mac?"

We have a large white board in our guest room/office. Sarah loves to go up and draw pictures, especially while Ryan is studying. She drew something that we thought was adorable. She hasn't quite learned to write her name yet, but she has got the "h" down. Sarah said, 
"I'm gonna write my name - S - mumble, mumble, H"
Ryan looked over to see that Sarah had drawn a smiley face with an H after it. So she drew a picture of herself, Sarah with an H. We thought it was pretty funny.
This isn't the original drawing, but it has the same picture in it. You can see the "Sarah with an H" at the top. I love the smiley right below it with the hair and big ears (looks like the eyes are closed), and to the left of it is an awesome angry face. I love this little stage. So fun to listen to her talk while she is drawing. 

Sarah: Look at my Grandma Lisa hair mommy! (Whenever I blow dry her hair this is what she says after)

Abby loves singing songs with me... or rather listening to me sing songs to her. Her favorite right now is Patty-Cake. He favorite part is at the end,
"And throw it in the oven for Baby and me"
She'll raise her arms and wait for you to tickle her into a hug at the end.
I love it, so cute, Cute, CUTE!

Me: Sarah what is all over your hands
Sarah: Dirt
Me: How did they get so dirty?
Sarah: They just got filled up with dirt.
Me: Oh. Right.

Avoiding bedtime by playing up previous bumps from the day.
Sarah: Mommy, my nose and my leg hurt really loud!
Me: They hurt loud?
Sarah: Yeah, they hurt me really, reeeeeally loud.

Along the same lines of injuries, Sarah has come up her own pain scale.
How bad does it hurt?
Sarah: Mommy! My leg hurts 3 band-aids bad!

Me: Sarah, do you want to help me make Mummy Pizzas?
Sarah: YEAH!!! Mummy Pizzas!
Me: Do you know what a mummy is Sarah?
Sarah: You!
After we were done Sarah started singing Happy Birthday to me (mummy). I guess she thought we were making Mummy Pizzas for Mommy's Birthday. Funny little girl. 

Here are a couple more random pictures from a couple of weeks ago.


Chantele Sedgwick said...

She is seriously so funny! Kids say the funniest things. Cute pictures as always!!

James and Talai Macfarlane said...

I love that idea - so cute! Where did you get that idea?

Liz said...

Ryan and I used to keep a quote book while we were dating and first married of funny things we said. I saw someone else post funny things their kids said and decided to start posting them on here. I just open up a new post and try to put add to it whenever they say or do something funny or cute. My goal is to post one every month... but obviously I'm not very consistent.

I really love going back and reading older ones. They grow up so fast and change so quick, and it is amazing how quick you forget those little things they do that you love. :)

Deb said...

So funny, so cute!