Friday, November 19, 2010

Dress Up Time

Sarah has really been into dressing up lately... maybe from all of the dressing up she did during Halloween. 

I love it. I scored this cute super hero costume at Wally's World for $.75, Sa-weet! Sarah wanted to wear it the entire day... I think she would have if I had let her (but we had a playdate, and I only had the one cape). 

Abby loves being girly. So when I saw a little snow white costume, I had to snag it for her (it was only $1.70... well worth it). It fits her perfectly right now (which means she'll grow out of it soon...sad) so we are getting our fun out of it.

We love dressing up at our house. Want to come and join us?


Ali or Mike said...

We would love to come and join you. Savanna dresses up everyday too.

Jennifer said...

Abby looks so proud to be a princess. What fun!

Ash said...

Me me!!! I'll come play dress up! But only if we make a music video:)
I ove dressing up but I only get to do it at Halloween time or they'll lock me away in the looney bin. Then again with the people now days I'd probably fit right in especially at Barnes and Noble, Layton.:) LOVE the super hero costume! I think X and Sarah are gonna get along great in Dec:)

Deb said...

SO CUTE! I want to come dress up!