Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 15

Living in Pittsburgh. 

I feel like we are being so blessed while here in Pittsburgh, and as much as it stinks to be so far away from family and friends, I truly am grateful for the opportunity to be out here. 

I am way impressed with how family friendly Pittsburgh is, it isn't a city you'd think of for great places for families, but I really feel like it is perfect for ours. Although I haven't lived all that many places, I would have to rank Pittsburgh in the top 5 places that I'd love to raise our family in. I have the most friendly neighbors (even though I still don't know that many of them). The parks/playgrounds are super cool. Our ward rocks! Even though it is very transient, the people who are in it are stellar and I look up to so many of them. 

I am grateful that we get to live here and that we'll be here for another 3-4 years. We are definitely having fun creating memories for our little family. We're looking forward to having lots more fun. 

PS - I'm also grateful that we live so far away because it really has helped me to blog more. I started out doing it mostly for the Grandma's to see pictures of the girls. But it has been so fun recording little moments of our lives, journaling my thoughts, and capturing priceless memories. I love looking back a year and being able to see how much life has changed. So you can thank Pittsburgh too for all of the fun-ness we've been able to share with you through the blog. ;)


Deb said...

Don't love it too much, you need to come back! Three or four years?! That's too long!!!