Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 30

Last day of this challenge and I went overboard in the lengthiness of this post. 
I won't be offended if you skip this post, it is more for me anyhow. 

Wow. It is kind of crazy how quickly November flew by, and I'm extremely grateful for that because I am very excited  to head to Utah and visit family and friends. I'm also grateful that I stuck it out and finished this 30 Thankful Days challenge. I was talking with Ryan about how happy/relieved I was to be over and done with it. His response: "So you didn't have a life changing experience from this?" Made me laugh a little, but in all seriousness, not a life changing experience, but it definitely enriched it. I seemed to be a little more patient as a parent, and little more thoughtful as a friend and more aware of what direction my thoughts should be. 

I have had several experiences this month that I believe were to help me feel more gratitude in my life. I also talked with Ryan how I felt silly mentioning some of them on the blog because they were too "sappy" or "churchy." Not that I'm afraid of offending anyone who reads this (I'm pretty sure no one would be) but wouldn't want any of my sincere feelings to come off as fake or hollow. I do want to share one experience that I had that really filled my heart with gratitude. 

It actually was just yesterday, and has to do with the microwave fudge recipe. Ryan and I decided last minute to make a treat for FHE last night (slightly prompted by Sarah) and wanted to make something quick. I was going to whip up the brownie recipe that I'm oh so grateful for, but decided that I wanted to try the microwaved fudge that my friend had told me about around Halloween. I vaguely remembered the ingredients and figured that I didn't need to bother her and could just google it and find a similar recipe. Then I felt that it would give me a chance to say hi and texted her to double check I had it right. She responded quickly and I almost just said Thanks and ended it. Again I felt that it was an opportunity to check up on her life and make sure she was doing well. Turns out she really needed to talk to someone, and was grateful I followed those promptings (I'll spare you the details)

I am so grateful for the Spirit. Honestly I can't say that I always feel in tune with the spirit. I know I have a lot to learn and grow in that area. But I'm grateful when I do recognize the gentle promptings that are given to me that can make such a huge impact in my life and the lives of those around me. I am grateful that I didn't just ignore those promptings and as a result was able to grow a little closer to my friend and love her more. 

The End.

I always feel kind of silly sharing personal/spiritual things like that. 
So here's a little bit more fun list of things I'm grateful for. 

Sarah's grin and sparkle in her eye (especially when she knows she is being cute)
Abby's giggle when I tickle her tummy. 
That Ryan is able to study at home (so I can see him more)
Having dinner as a family each night.
Abby's toothy grin and how her whole face lights up when she smiles.
How Sarah says please, thank you and sorry almost reflexively.
The time I get to myself after the girls are in bed (main reason behind my night owlish behavior).
My crafting buddies that I have made. 
The parenting class I'm taking through a sister in our ward. 
That people love me (especially Ryan) even though I have so many faults. 
Having mail when I check the mailbox (real mail, not just junk).
Abby's sweet little cry... so grateful she doesn't cry loudly.
For what a great big sister Sarah is. 
How well Sarah is learning to listen, she's not perfect, but I don't give her near enough credit.
Netflix - instant play. 
To be working in the Nursery, no matter how burn out/isolated I'm feeling currently, I still am grateful to be serving in the Nursery. 
That I have an able body, can exercise and do most anything (physically) that I set out to do.
For our Savior and all that he did for us. 
For the Christmas season to reflect and remember that most precious gift we received. 
That families are eternal. 
Sarah's sweet little singing voice.
How Abby gets excited and does the actions in songs long before I sing them. 
The big hug and kiss I get from our girls after family prayer. 
That Sarah and Abby can't fall asleep until they get tucked in by mommy and daddy. 
My water jug and that our fridge had an ice make on it.
For my amazing family, in laws and friends. 
For anyone who actually read through to the end of this post. 


Deb said...

I read it! Yeay we're done! I'm glad I stuck it out too. It was a MUCH better month than October, and really better than every month in a long time because of this, it made me really think about all the blessings in my life. Thanks for sticking it out with me. :)

Ash said...

Your awesome Liz! I loved ya sharing that story about your friend. That same thing happened to me about a month ago. Only I was on the other end of the story. I was so grateful for the people who called and uplifted me when I was down.
I loved reading all your posts it uplifted me too. I don't think I could've stuck it through. W 2 go! You Rock!

Brittany said...

It was fun reading all your thankful posts. I'm glad you shared that story. Anyone that knows you, knows you would never be "hollow" as you put it. I need to be more in tune to things like that too. In fact, that's the second time today that I have been reminded of it. I thin Heaven;y Father is using others to try to wake me up! So thank you!