Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 12

Is that a weird thing to be grateful for?

Life would be pretty dull with out them. 

There is nothing I love more than to watch my girls entertain themselves. Sarah has really gotten into pretend play and I enjoy it so much. I love listening to the little voices that she makes for her toys and the fun little scenarios she creates. Earlier today Sarah was helping Hello Kitty lock up Tweedy Bird in "jail" (an upside down laundry basket) and cackling has she twisted the key (a triangle block). Makes me smile. I'm grateful that my daughters use their imaginations to entertain themselves. 

I'm grateful for my mother and her creative imagination. We wouldn't view fairies the same way if it weren't for her (or even have a fairy garden). I work so hard to see things in the same light she does. She always can help turn something as mundane as brushing your teeth at night into the final quest before conquering mount bunk-bed for slumber. Of course nothing beats an original bedtime fairytale from my mom. Thank you mom, for helping to make the world a much more magical place for Sarah and Abby. 

I am also grateful for the opportunities Sarah gets to build her imagination with her friends. She is getting to the point where playing with her friends is mutually fun because they understand each other and enter the others imaginary world. I love listening to the little things Sarah says while she plays with her friends (I just wish she wasn't so bossy...Eldest Child Syndrome, I guess). So thank you parents who make time to let lil' miss bossy play with your precious little ones. I'm sure Sarah has much more fun playing with them than with boring ole' mom.

I'm also grateful for books and movies that help increase our imaginations. I know I love jumping into a writers world and losing myself in their story. Speaking of which... I need a good book to read.