Monday, November 1, 2010

Jumping on the Band-Wagon

Well, I've had a couple of friends invite me to join in on the 30 Thankful Days. Who knows if I'll keep up with it or not. But I've been feeling a little ornery... like all of the time, so maybe this can help me to be a little more optimistic about life. So here we go.

Day One

I am grateful for clean, running water AND for a fridge that has it all chilled and ready for me at any given time! I'd have a hard time living anywhere where I had to walk miles to get my water, and then have to purify it myself. I'd even have a hard time living in a place where I needed to drink bottled water (I'm weird and don't like the taste). It is so nice to live in a time when technology is so advanced. I heard once that the pressure valves have to be just right for water to flow through the pipes (especially when they go up in your house). I'm grateful someone figured that out so that I can enjoy my ice cold glasses of water and warm showers at any time. Thank you!


Karla said...

You're not weird. I hate the taste of bottled water, too.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I have a whole water jug in my fridge that I LOVE! Bottled water isn't my favorite either.